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Removing TR-Zones?

|| 30 Sep 2014 10:05 pm || 1

Hello SAP Gururs,

How to removing tr-zones in SAP? If any expert can help in anyway that would be recommendable?


  • 19 Jan 2015 5:59 pm

    As you know that TR-Zone is called as storage bin TR-Zone which is used in ERP SCM Logistics for the storage purpose of stock. It is used to store the material. 
    Your query is little bit confusing that you want to remove the TR-Zones or want to delete material in it. But no need to worry I can help you in a manner with a small example which is as follow:

    Assume you have a stock or material which contains a negative stock of -40 in TR-Zone (called as storage bin TR-Zone). Now I’ll explain you to remove this negative stock in storage bin TR-Zone.

    For this, I mean to remove it you need to find out the three open PCN (Posting Change Notice). And as I told you that there is nothing so, you need to search 30 no. Of amount or volume of similar material class in another storage types within the warehouse and try to shift them into storage type 922 and TR-Zone which are led by LT01 or LT10. It will assist you to remove or delete those negative 30 quantities.