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SAP R/3 & APO-DP integration

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SAP R/3 & APO-DP integration

When implementing only APO-DP with R/3:
How do you propose to deal with materials (characteristic value combinations in APO-DP) that are not required anymore in the Forecasting process ?
We upload the 'actual demand' from an SIS info structure to an InfoCube and from there to a planning area.
When we have, for example, an obsolete product in R/3 then we don't want it to be in APO-DP (could effect the calculation of propotions est...).
Is there a way to 'clean' the cube and the planning area based on, for example, marking a material in R/3 as obsolete? I assume you had to deal with similar issues.
Any ideas and/or documents on this issue ?

Try SE38 ABAP Editor --> RSDRD_DELETE_FACTS. This will allow you to create a program for deleting entries in a fact table of a cube or planning area.

1. Select the infocube
2. Select radio button "Generate deletion program"
3. Name of Report (specify the name that you would like for your program i.e. DELETE_OLD_FCST)
4. Copy the name of your program for easy entry below
5. Click the "execute" button
6. Back out using the green arrow
6. Paste or use the pulldown to find the new program

This will allow you to be selective in characteristic combinations that you want to delete without affecting other master data.


  • 06 Jan 2009 8:18 pm

    Using the program RSDRD_DELETE_FACTS, can we delete the CVCs from Planning Area. In order to do that do we select the Remote cube as the Infocube which infact will delete the CVCs from Planning Area? Pls suggest or provide your comments.


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