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SAP TM Interview Questions and Answers

Updated Apr 02, 2021

What Is SAP Transportation Management?

If you are looking for transportation from one location to another with each transportation aspect, SAP TM is the best-in-class Management System of Transportation. This includes anything and everything related to transportation: development and optimization, cargo cost, and management. Whether it is via air, water, road, and rail, any mode of transportation is convenient for SAP TM. It is aimed at keeping in mind both Haulers and Logistics Assistance Suppliers.

What do you mean by Standard Transport Layer in SAP?

Standard Transport Layer can customize each SAP system for each client, which determines how these standard transport layers work.

Sap Transportation Management – Is it an SAP module or a standalone system?

It is a gadget that stands alone, and it has nothing to do with SAP ERP. It has a separate server set that provides different functions like QA, production, and development. But SAP TM is well tangled with other SAP ERP modules such as SD, MM, WM, and FICO.

SAP has declared the ways to bring together some of the SCM-centered programs, including SAP Transportation management. They will also roll SAP TM into S4 HANA in the Sapphire/ASUG conference that took place in the year 2016. This develops the confidence to grow and improve SAP TM as one of their key offerings. This is only possible because of the long term SAP’s dedication

Without installing the SAP ERP software, can you use SAP TM?

You can install SAP TM in a non-SAP ERP installation. Though maximum of the SAP TM installations happens with the presence of SAP ERP.

Is it possible to use SAP Transportation Management without using Sap Event Management?

It is not necessary to use SAT TM along with the use of SAP event Management. You can find enough SAP TM implementations without using SAP EM is taking place. SAP EM can run at the same time when you are using SAP TM. It can help in the subsequent features like, to capture and divulge unique data based on projected and authentic events, e.g., actual vs. planned time of arrival at a place.

Time stream (& &) cis unable to be loaded Generation error in & >> Why do I see these errors while creating proposals for delivery?

It is crucial to recalculate the existing raw material date at the time of receiving a stock order or sale transport order. This process takes place after the calculation of the time stream and packing and pick-up time of the material. It is mandatory to remove the SAP TM of the SAP ERP if it goes out of date. If the connection is broken or set up is not correct, then the reading data can be performed by using a remote function call.

Using transaction SM59 to resolve this problem, we can set up and check the remote connection accordingly.

Description of the check:

Enter the transaction SM59 and open node 'ABAP Connections'>> double click on the relevant logical RFC destination line. Push the 'Connection Test' button. The user can push the 'Remote Logon' button only if ‘Connection Test’ is successful. This remote login is possible automatically, only when the ABAP modus of the requested remote System is visible. When no hidden user exists or no password is accessible to the remote user, you will see a standard error message on this test's login screen. This error message 'Generation error in /SCMTMS/TSTR_GENERATE_REMOTE, in the application, is visible while sending delivery proposals to SAP ERP.

Which of the Sap Systems Have Assimilation Abilities with SAP TM?

Here is the list of SAP systems that integrate with SAP TM:

  • SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)
  • SAP Event Management (EM)
  • SAP Process Integration / Process Orchestration (PI / PO)

While you look for the approval process In Qas which of the steps do you follow?

  • System administrator authorization
  • The aid of department acceptance
  • Request owner authorization

What is the Latest SAP TM Version Released?

SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) 9.5 is the newest version released that is only available to route on the database of SAP HANA.

What are the types of documents that enable cost distribution in SAP TM?

In Freight order and Freight settlement document.

How can you provide External Carriers with access to SAP Transportation Management Information And Transactions?

Of course yes. It is one of the best capabilities of SAP TM nine, which is newly introduced. Alliance Portal uses peripheral web portals, which authorizes contributors to get access to important SAP TM data and transactions. This is an exceptionally great report with sample screenshots explaining the Alliance Portal potential.

What is kind of Analytical and report generating abilities does SAP TM have?

With the help of SAP BI, SAP TM can generate reporting and analytics. SAP TM content material like vendor information, queries are accessible to its clients. These materials act as a valuable part of the implementation task that is carried out by SAP TM. This helps to satisfy the requirements of clients' reports.

Is GIS (Geographical Information Systems) features come along with the SAP Transportation Management package?

GIS capabilities are unavailable in SAP TM. But SAP TM has access to a couple of GIS features that are provided by 3rd party providers. They provide Geo (coding, routing, and display of visual maps). ALK's PC Miler, Rand McNally, and HERE (formerly known as NAVTEQ) are the major providers of GIS, these all support integration in SAP TM.

If compared with SAP TM software licensing fees, most GIS solutions have a small amount. But it does require additional software licensing for its software.

Why is it impossible to restart the XI Monitor of SAP TM when it shows the error message 'Transfer to External Application'?

When the forward handling (FEH) is sent to the peripheral application, the message's import fails.

Post-processing Desktop via transaction /SAPPO/PPO2 along with the relevant error messages is visible. Within this transaction, you can again discharge the failed message process.

How good are Load Planning Facilities in SAP TM?

Yes. With the release of the latest SAP Version 9.1, we are planning to introduce a thorough load planning of SAP Transportation Management. Here is a beautiful piece of content with examples as screenshots that helps to understand the SAP TM load planning potential.

How long does it take to implement SAP Transport Management and how much is this priced at?

Generally, it takes 6-12 months for SAP TM implementation to complete. It can cost anywhere between $800,000 and $1,500,000 as consulting fees. SAP software needs separate licensing.

Based on the project's scope and size, the exact cost may vary as these are a couple of general guidelines.

Error message - 'Business partner internal ID >> Why is this visible & goes invisible from in SAP TM master data as the business partner is available?

CIF is used to transfer SAP ERP to SAP TM. It depends on how the system is designed. In SAP TM, a business partner availability is a must when it comes to SAP ERP main vendor documents, customer, and shipping point.

The reason because the error message is visible can be for the following reason:

Wrong SLD data (IMG activity: SAP Transportation Management -> Transportation Management -> Integration -> Define SLD Data of Business Systems).

Business partner identification is one of the processes carried away by the logical system. This is allocated to the source business method.

To find out the remote users absent authorization, you can use it to display the business partner. To find the missing license you can use the transaction SU53.

The process of disabling the "Import All" Button for the SAP queues?

STMS->Overview->System run this by login into the Transport Domain Controller. By visiting the Transport Tool tab, you can select the system for disabling import all commands. Add/Create Parameter "NO_IMPORT_ALL" set its value to 1.

Because of a locking error, the import of a message in SAP TM shows as failed. How can this message be repetitive?

Option 1 (Without the usage of forwarding error handling)

SXI_MONITOR transaction id can be used to repeat. This transaction allows the user to create the queue manually by putting in the respective entry manually.

The report ID "RSXMB_RESTART_MESSAGES" can be used to process the failed message again and recurrently.

Option 2 (With the usage of forwarding error handling = FEH)

Using the following process, the forward error handling can be done in IMG:

Cross-Application Components -> Processes and Tools for Enterprise Applications -> Enterprise Services -> Activate Error and Conflict Handler.

Two ways to recurrently import all disable messages include: Retry Post-processing Orders (transaction /SAPPO/RESUBMIT) or manually via Post-processing Desktop (transaction /SAPPO/PPO2 or ECH_MONI_SEL).

The user has access to configure a retry of the failed message before these are written into the FEH as per the Netweaver release 731 (Basis for TM9.0).

The below given customized process can be used:

Cross-Application Components -> Processes and Tools for Enterprise Applications -> Enterprise Services -> Error and Conflict Handler -> Define Resolution Strategy

You can also include the screenshot 'Sample_resolution_strategy' as an example setting.

While changing the same OTR in SAP TM takes place simultaneously, the locking problem may occur. Because changing it simultaneously creates multiple deliveries of the same order, which makes the locking issue.

Following the given options above, the user can insert the delivery messages as the additional configuration in the respective queue. You can avoid simultaneous processing by following this step in SAP ERP. You can refer the  , a simple instance of applying the individual BAdI in SAP ERP for the identical objective.

How does SAP license SAP Transportation Management?

As SAP Transportation Management is a separate entity from SAP ERP, you need to purchase a separate license. SAP TM solution manages the overall transportation in dollars. SAP account executive or Reseller is your go-to person if you wish to know more.

What is SAP Transport Directory?

You can find the SAP transport Directory in the shared location of the system group. It is the (/usr/sap/Trans) directory located in the Domain Controller System among all the landscape member systems. During the installation of the SAP system, this directory has many subdirectories that are automatically created.

How to Deactivate the "import All" Button on Stems for the Lineup in SAP?

Run STMS->Overview->System after you have logged in to your Transport Domain Controller. Disable Import all by deactivating the system you want. Set the value of "NO_IMPORT_ALL" to 1 after creating or adding this parameter to the System.

What Are The Different Composition Techniques Available In Stems?

1. Single system configuration
2. Deployment and Production systems
3. 3 systems in a group.