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TM (Travel Management) Interview Questions

FAQ on ERP TM Logistics integration

Though the business partner occurs in the SAP TM master data, then why does the error message show up as 'Business partner internal ID & does not exist'?

The way the system has been designed it is a prerequisite master which needs to be transferred from SAP ERP to SAP TM via CIF. In SAP TM, for the SAP ERP master data vendor, plant, customer and shipping point is an appropriate location and a business partner should be available.

However if you still to get an error message, and if the business partner message mentioned above this, can be because of the following reasons:

Wrong SLD data (IMG activity: SAP Transportation Management -> Transportation Management -> Integration -> Define SLD Data of Business Systems).

The logical system is available in the identification of the business partner and this should ideally match the logical system which has been assigned to the sender business system of the message.

For displaying the business partners is used for missing authorization of the remote user. The transaction SU53 can be used for finding such a missing authorization.

With status 'Transfer to External Application', why is it impossible for restarting a failed message in the XI Monitor of SAP TM ?

The import of the message failed and the responsibility of this message in this case is the forward handling (FEH) has been passed to an external application.

These failed messages can be seen in the Post processing Desktop via transaction /SAPPO/PPO2 along with the suitable error messages. You can repeat or even discharge the processing of such a failed message, within this transaction.

When creating delivery proposals, why do I get one of the following errors? Time stream (& &) cis unable to be loaded Generation error in &

It becomes imperative to recalculate the material availability date during a sales order or a stock transport order, when the delivery proposals should to be sent from SAP TM to SAP ERP. All of this is performed by the pick pack duration and by evaluating the time stream. If the SAP TM is out of date then the evaluation is required to be read out of SAP ERP. In case the remote connection is not set up correctly or if the connection is broken, then this reading of data is performed via remote function call and this call shows as fails with one of the error messages mentioned.

The remote connection is required to be setup and checked for instance via transaction SM59, for resolving this problem.

Description of the check:

The user has to enter transaction SM59 and open node 'ABAP Connections' and then double click on the line of the relevant logical RFC destination. Press the button 'Connection Test' and if it is successful then user is required to press the button 'Remote Logon'. This remote logon will only operate automatically, i.e. some ABAP modus of the requested remote system is visible. A common error is when no remote user exists or if no password has been assigned to the remote user. In such cases, the user will see a logon screen for the remote system during this test. However, in the real application the user can see the (sending of delivery proposals to ERP) the error message 'Generation error in /SCMTMS/TSTR_GENERATE_REMOTE.

The import of a message in SAP TM shows as failed because of a locking error. How can this processing of such a message be repeated?

Option 1 (Without usage of forward error handling)

The user can repeat the failed message via the transaction SXI_MONITOR. Within this transaction the user can select the respective entry and also manually restart the queue.

You can repeat the processing of such failed messages, automatically via report RSXMB_RESTART_MESSAGES.

Option 2 (With usage of forward error handling = FEH)

The only prerequisite is that you are required to activate the forward error handling. All of this can be done in IMG via the following path:

Cross-Application Components -> Processes and Tools for Enterprise Applications -> Enterprise Services -> Activate Error and Conflict Handler.

The importing of such a failed message can be repetitive either automatically via Retry Postprocessing Orders (transaction /SAPPO/RESUBMIT) or manually via Postprocessing Desktop (transaction /SAPPO/PPO2 or ECH_MONI_SEL).

As per the netweaver release 731 (Basis for TM9.0) the user can configure a retry of failed messages and all of this can be done successfully before these are written into the FEH.

The following customizing can be used for processing:

Cross-Application Components -> Processes and Tools for Enterprise Applications -> Enterprise Services -> Error and Conflict Handler -> Define Resolution Strategy
Attached the screenshot 'Sample_resolution_strategy' with an example setting.

Incase the multiple deliveries for one order are formed in SAP ERP, then the locking issue may occur in SAP TM. A locking problem maybe caused, if the Incase the respective delivery messages takes place in the SAP TM at the same time they are trying to change the same OTR.

For avoiding the parallel processing of these messages, the user can put the delivery messages into the same queue in SAP ERP as supplementary configuration for the options listed above. The doc 1926879 is a classic example of implementation for the respective BAdI in SAP ERP for the same purpose.

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