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How to use the Schedule Run functionality via the DTW.

Updated May 18, 2018

DTW(Data Transfer Workbench) provides the Schedule Run function to import or update data automatically, so that you can run DTW from code line.

To arrange a Scheduled run, perform the following steps:

1. Create the file including all the configured information. In general, you can follow the same steps described in the 'Importing the Data Files' section or 'Updating Existing Business Object' section of the DTW Help File.

              On the 'Importing data' Step of DTW Wizard, press Save to create the xml file.

2. Write a batch file (*.bat) - you can open Notepad and then save the file with the extension .bat

              The format of the bat file is as follows:

              "C:Program FilesSAPData Transfer WorkbenchDTW" -s C:config.xml

              Note: config. xml is an XML file saved at importing data Step which includes login, object name, file, mapping, run parameters information.

3. Choose Start->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Scheduled Tasks to schedule the run.

4. When the time for the Scheduled Task arrives the DTW will open automatically, it will connect and the import/update will start.