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SE 729 Customizing incorrectly maintained

When entering a Service Entry sheet using ML81N you receive the message SE729 - Customizing Incorrectly maintained.

You have recently made an upgrade. A number of entries in table T162V is different to the number of columns in table control for screen SAPLMLSP/400.

The variants maintained before and after upgrade are probably different.

Since different customers maintain a different number of entries for each variant, it would not be possible to release a standard note to all customers to fix this. Moreover, this cannot be fixed using the Note Assistant, the changes have to be done manually.

The entries in the Table 'T162V'(for each of the 6 variants) should always be the same as that of the columns in the table control(TC_View).
Table Control(Screen)  Screen 400 SAPLMSP(TC for services ).

Below is the standard logic to verify if the customising is correct.
* Determine number of lines in customizing tables
  describe table t162v_tab lines lv_t162vlines.
* Determine number of columns in table control
    describe table tc_view-cols lines lv_tclines.

  lv_tclines = 6 * lv_tclines.
  Here 6 signifies the 6 variants for the TC.
  if lv_t162vlines ne lv_tclines.
    message s729.

Please make sure that the entries maintained in T162V are the same as the columns maintained in the Table Control (TC).

For this case, you can use SM31 transaction to maintain the same number of entries in table T162V as in TC.

The most important thing is that you have the same number of entries in lv_t162vlines as in lv_tclines.

After all changes are made please test the behaviour again.