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SAP SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)

Definition or Meaning - What is SAP SOA?

Full form or SAP SOA stands for (Service Oriented Architecture)

Means taking Desired output from our Present recourses and some new resources, to explain this I give u the example of iPod Suppose I have iPod having 500 songs stored in it but the problem with my iPod is that I wont give me Output of 10000 Watts so that I can make the my other friends can enjoy music at same time without using Headphone so now I have tow Options.

1. To Take new music system.


2.Taking some set of Speakers which can attached with my iPod and give me 10000 Watt output.

So what do you thing which option is good I think the second option is Good because it less expensive as the first one

The need for 'Service oriented architecture' in enterprise landscapes is quite similar. Customers have made significant amount of investments in their IT infrastructure. It would prove expensive for them to invest in every new technology available in the market. Even if customers are ready to invest, plugging in a new technology involves ripping, plugging, removing the current IT investment. The synergy between the new technologies and the existing ones is always something to worry about.

Instead of a solution of removing and ripping existing solutions, we would require a design paradigm which embraces the current investments, but also does not make us lose out on the capabilities and features available in new technologies.

Like hunting for speakers for my music needs, customers can look for solutions and technologies which give them business leverage over their competitors.

My iPod provides me a nice pluggable interface where digital speakers can be plugged in. In IT terms, this translates to our existing system being capable of providing their current services in a standard manner independent of the technology in which they have been implemented. This would enable customers to plug-in services and build their process. That's service enabling.

So, Is SOA a way of building systems and processes using business services, with an aim of aligning business and IT.