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PI (Process Integration) Tutorial

SAP PI  is an important component of the NetWeaver pack and is used for exchanging the information between a company’s internal and external systems. This popular SAP module enables an organization to implement various cross system processes in a secure and reliable way. Here, different systems from different vendors can be connected to each other via diverse programming languages such as Java, .Net, ABAP etc. SAP PI is an open integration program and provides services for various heterogeneous systems.

The features and functions of SAP PI include:

  • This module offers easy access to a single system, without disturbing other complex systems and their interlinked networks. In other words, safe transformation of messages is assured with the SAP PI system.
  • It helps in building cross transformation components of interlinked systems.
  • SAP PI detects various options for message transformation and handling of other management issues.
  • It configures the runtime for the process cycle and maintains it throughout the process.
  • Lastly, it monitors the smooth message flow from one system to another and detects errors, if any.

Scope and Opportunity of a Career in SAP PI

Developers and consultants aspiring to gain knowledge in the fields of SAP integration must have prior work experience in respective field. With the Net Weaver package expanding with each passing day (because of its reliability and flexibility in functions), its Process Integration module is much in demand for the easy functioning of systems with other devices, and better performance of organization processes.

Become a Certified SAP PI Consultant

One can become an official SAP PI consultant by achieving a certificate of SAP Certified Development Associate- Process Integration with SAP Net Weaver. The certification tests the skills of the candidate at the basic as well as advanced levels in process integration, and understands how he/ she can apply this knowledge in the practical sense. The exam for this certification lasts for 180 minutes, with 60 questions in total. It is held in two languages, German and English. Under the guidance of senior consultants, the candidate can get a professional certification, and may look forward to a higher salary package.