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SAP Third Party

Definition -What is SAP Third Party?

SAP Third Party (UNIX, JAVA) - these are the operating platforms that provide the edifice for the development of scalable and robust SAP (Systems, Applications, Products ) Applications and use their functionalities in the best manner possible. They are useful for automating configurations, scripting the steps required for the integration of application and database servers and or resolving the issues connected with SAP gateways, navigation systems and associated tools.

SAP NetWeaver Java in Composition Environment 7.1

The increasing use of SAP NetWeaver Application Server in the NetWeaver Composition Environment is helping users develop innovative Java EE applications; which are based on the newly introduced Java EE 5 standards and the existing J2EE applications.

SAP Third Party Features

The noteworthy features of this SAP Third Party module include:

  • Implementation of Service Data Objects (SDO) 2.1 standards that appropriately simplifies the data programming tasks for frameworks and applications.
  • Implementation of JSR168 for the development of standardized portlets.
  • Job scheduler implementation by first-class Java-based tools.
  • Robustness, scalability and supportability.
  • Template-based running runtime services and modular runtime architecture.
  • Fast shared memory that is based on request handling.
  • In-built load balancing support.
  • Configurable failover support for sessions that includes SAP’s fast session failover (which is based on shared memory).
  • Runtime overview of caches, threads, sessions and other key resources.
  • Unique supportability and robust monitoring of non-functional problems that are based on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) tools of SAP.
  • Out-of-the-box connectivity options for all SAP systems and SAP business platforms.
  • SAP's JAVA based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. It helps users create, build and integrate Java EE 5-compliant solutions like Java Server Faces 1.2, EJB 3.0, and so forth.
  • Comprehensive web services support with on-the-fly debugging of applications, hot deployment features, Java EE 5 and JPA design-time support and effective administration tools like the SAP Microsoft Management Console.
  • Offline configuration of the application server with Net Weaver’s configuration tool and a Telnet-based administrative console for runtime server administration.
  • Automatic installation of Max DB for the SAP NetWeaver AS Composition Environment. This product is also compatible with Microsoft SQL, Oracle and DB2.

The NetWeaver Composition Environment is packaged with many samples and tutorials that go a long way in helping SAP professionals get an in-depth idea of its tools and applications. A certification course in SAP Third Party administration allows candidates to get further knowledge about the ways of developing the Converter application, using SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio tools and understanding the concepts of integrating the same with underlying application servers.

The training session also includes modules related to:

  • Employee services application and project management
  • Development of message-driven Bean applications
  • Creation and management of application clients and much more.

SAP Third Party (UNIX)

After creating a distributed installation for an integrated SAP system that employs multiple SAP databases and applications on separate servers, it is important to bring in the capabilities of SAP UNIX based applications, for resolving any issues that comes in the way of users. In order to understand the underlying UNIX scripts and integrate its features in the SA environment, it is essential for SAP developers and professionals to have in-depth knowledge about the UNIX operating platform, its features and many tools.

With the right levels of expertise and experience, SAP Third Party (UNIX, JAVA) professionals may look forward to lucrative job positions in reputed organizations worldwide. Those looking for better job opportunities and higher pay packages in the field, should enroll for specialized courses that are of varied durations and have different fees structures - in line with the institute’s business policies and course delivering methodologies.

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