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Fix: Uncaught TypeError: $(...).live is not a function in WordPress

Today, we are going to talk about a common error experienced by WordPress users - “Uncaught TypeError: $(...).live is not a function”. If you have encountered this error, you will have noticed that all the buttons of your WordPress widgets get disabled or aren’t clickable.

Let us find out a solution to this problem.  

Solution: “Uncaught TypeError: $(...).live is not a function”

The error will look something like this –

Uncaught TypeError: $(...).live is not a function in WordPress

This error occurs as the live() function has been removed from jQuery 1.9. You can check it by visiting their official website

Steps to solve this error –

  • Disable the plugin which is using live() function
  • Update the plugin
  • Or, edit the plugin file and replace all live() functions with the on() function

This will solve your problem. For example, if your “Timetable Responsive Schedule For WordPress” plugin was using live() function, deactivating the plugin will fix the error.

It is always recommended that you use updated plugins and themes for your WordPress site.