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HTTP Timeout Error

Updated Jan 14, 2020

HTTP Calls Disrupted by Timeout Errors

As we know that the know XI (through ICM - Internet Communication Manager - Release 6.40 or higher in case of XI 7.0) communicates with various adapters via HTTP. On the other hand, XI can accept HTTP alls but it can also forward those calls to some other HTTP receivers.

These HTTP calls sometimes get disrupted by timeout errors:



Please follow the steps below in order to resolve this errors:

1) We can try to increase the HTTP_TIMEOUT of the Integration Engine: 

  • First, go to TCODE - SXMB_ADM 
  • Integration Engine Configuration 
  • Please change the specific configuration 
  • Now increase the HTTP_TIMEOUT parameter value (this value depends on your specific needs)

When clicking the Information about this parameter value you will notice the following the description below:

Specifies the timeout for http connections (time between two data packages at line level). This value overrides the system profile parameter icm/server_port_n (for example, icm/server_port_0 : PROT=HTTP,PORT=50044, TIMEOUT=900). If you do not set the parameter HTTP_TIMEOUT or if you set the parameter to 0, then the setting for the system profile parameter is used. 

2) As we can see from the description above that this is not the only place where we can set this timeout and we can also use profile parameter - icm/server_port_n therefore: 

  • First go to RZ10 
  • Then change the icm/server_port_n parameter 

Note: Please read SAP document 824554 before trying to change this parameter. It will explain the details of all parts included in this parameter. 

Other Timeouts 

Apart from timeouts described above, there are also some other timeout errors which occur while dealing with synchronous messages. 

RFC adapter 

If while using the synchronous messages you notice the timeout error then please check the syncMessageDeliveryTimeoutMsec in the RFC adapter in the Visual Administrator 

XI adapter 

The XI adapter uses some other parameter - xiadapter.inbound.timeout.default in order to control sync messages (Visual Administrator )