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Add search criteria options in CRM UI

04 Sep 2017 12:31 pm || 0

How to add search criteria options in CRM_UI?

  • The Web UI does not offer search options in the new version (Solution Manager 7.1).
  • The search option was present in the previous version of Solution Manager 7.0

In order to check it please follow the steps below:

  • Updrade, the Solution Manager from 7.0 to 7.1.
  • Now try using the new CRM_UI or SM_CRM Web UI for search.
  • You will notice the search options criteria missing

This tutorial explains how to add search criteria in CRM_UI in new version i.e Solution Manager 7.1.


The search option is missing because after modifying the new CRM Web UI from 7.0 and 7.1 the options are configured for users with default options.

We can modify the search options in order to include more than the default options in the SPRO under Customer Relationship Management > CRM Cross-Application Components > Generic Interaction Layer/Object Layer > Component-Specific Settings > Define Operations for Dynamic Queries.

Therefore for any extra option, you want to enable then please select the equivalent box as shown below.

For example, In order to adjust the Incident Management Incident ID option in versions of Solution Manager 7.10 SP09 and later:

Another example, In order to adjust the Incident Management Incident ID option in versions of Solution Manager up to 7.10 SP08:

7.0 7.1 SPRO ID
Single Value is EQ
Greater than or Equal to is greater than or equal to GE
Less than or Equal to is less than or equal to LE
Greater than is greater than GT
Less than is less than LT
Not Equal to is not NE

Other Options

  • is between -> BT
  • is not between -> NB
  • contains - > CP (contains pattern)
  • does not contain -> NP
  • is empty (handled by code by default)
  • starts with (handled by code by default)

Note: The user can enable an operator, but in case if the backend code for the operator is not available, then it will not work. For example, when searching the Solution Category and Reported By fields, Message Processor, IS NOT does not work because only IS is supported for these fields.