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Solution Manager Interview Questions

FAQ on SAP Solution Manager

1- Where do i find information on Solution manager ?

Its one more server appart from R/3 System

2- What is solution manager?

Its a server - In the networking(Architect) language It like a middle ware or Inbetween all the SAP system or centeral unit in the SAP Landscape Architecture.

3- Does Solution manager come, If you install ECC5.0 or ECC6.0 ?

  • ECC5.0 or ECC6.0 and My Sap are the software bundles and Solution manager is a part of the Software Bundle
  • Yes you need to install it seprately apart from R/3 or ECC5.0 or ECC6.0 please - then you would understand or utility of the actual advantage of solution Manager please.

4- For interview point of view, what should i know about solution manager,ECC6.0 and ECC5.0 ?

It depends what u want to study for the interview - like Early watch reports - Configuration of SM - Data Flow - RFC connection -IDOCS - ALE and many please.

5- What is the difference between ECC6.0 and ECC5.0 ?

  • They are different bundles of Software ( two different versions please )
  • ECC 6 is more advanced or latest - for latest configuration please check the SAP web site.

6- What is BI ? Does it come with ECC6 or ECC5 ?

  • Business Intigration - I hope you are talking about software only -In R/3 It means Bach Inputs.
  • Generally BI is included with the SAP bundles- and SAP Recommends.