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SAP Cloud FAQ's

Define SAP Analytics Cloud?

SAP Analytics Cloud refers to an all-in-one cloud platform offered as software as a service (SaaS) specifically for planning, business intelligence (BI), planning and predictive analytics providing data discovery, data visualization, simulation, what-if, forecasting besides the many other capabilities. This has been built primarily on SAP Cloud Platform, and this provides a complete, unified and secure public cloud analytics experience meant for maximizing data-driven decision making.

Is the SAP Analytics Cloud multitenant?

Yes, the SAP Analytics Cloud has been available as a public cloud (software as a service, multi-tenant) offering. A‘private cloud’(software as a service, single tenant) is available as an option.

Where is SAP Analytics Cloud hosted?

At present, SAP Analytics Cloud functions on the runs on SAP Cloud Platform data centers all around the world. SAP has also recently announced partnerships with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure for running SAP Cloud Platform and they also plan to run SAP Analytics Cloud on these IaaS platforms soon. Although there are no plans for running on other IaaS platforms.

How can I get access to the Web Application of SAP Cloud Platform Integration to be able to configure the cloud integration packages?

Initially SAP supported the provisioning of a SAP Cloud Platform Integration tenant with the help of the web tooling capability only, i.e., without any runtime node. At present, this offering is unavailable. In case you have any SAP Cloud Platform Integration license, then you can use the Web Application of the SAP Cloud Platform Integration tenant you have.

What is the license is required for using the SAP Cloud Platform Integration feature?

The Cloud Integration Content Runtime can only be used together either with the SAP Process Orchestration or with SAP Process Integration. Either of the product are required to be licensed separately. Besides configuration of the cloud integration content in the new offering, the user will also require a SAP Cloud Platform Integration license.

How will I know if within the SAP Analytics cloud, is my data is secure within SAP?

SAP Analytics Cloud functions exclusively on SAP Cloud Platform which regularly meets the international security standards. All the details regarding the security and data protection at SAP data centers can be see listed in section 2 of the guide that’s available at (