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BW based DSO Planning Interview Question & Answer

Updated May 18, 2018

What is the minimal software requirements to use DSO planning?

SAP BW 7.30 SP8 or SAP BW 7.31 SP5

How do We activate DSO planning in the system?

  • If you are on 7.30 SP8 or 7.31 SP5/6 and import 1799168. For classic BW-IP without HANA you can also set the RSADMIN parameter RSPLS_DSO_PLANNING to X. With 7.30 SP9/7.31 SP7 this is not required. For HANA optimized usage also check 1793917.
  • Create a Data Store Object of type 'direct update' and switch on the planning mode (in settings).

What are current workarounds which need to be adapted later?

  • How can we leverage the new disaggregation copy for key figures of standard aggregation 'No aggregation( X if more than one values occur)?
  • To leverage disaggregation copy in the query you need to set the disaggregation mode 'Analog Distribution (Self Reference)'. A new mode will be available in a new patch of the Query Designer in November 2012.

What are known limitations with respect to normal real time InfoCube based planning?

  • How many characterisitcs can be included - as many as in the InfoCube?
  • The number of key fields of a planning enabled DSO on a classical database (i.e. other than Hana) is limited to 16 (as for usual DSOs as well). With Hana this limitation does not exist but those DSOs cannot be ported to another DB. So also no classical content for any SAP supported database can be build with more than 16 keys.
  • Can we have additonal characterisitcs in the data part?
  • No - this is not allowed and would require a new feature (attribute planning).
  • Can we create arbitrary aggreagation levels as in the case of an InfoCube?
  • No. All keys of the DSO must be either contained in the aggregation level directly or must be filled by a derivation (characteristic relationship) from the other characteristics contained in the aggregation level.
  • Can we use the option PROCESS_CHANGED_DATA for commands in BEx Analyzer or BEx Web? (This option makes a planning operate just on changed data)
  • Since this option requires information from the delta buffer, which does not exist in DSO case, it is not yet supported.
  • Does DSO planning also work Hana optimized ( 1637199)?
  • Yes. Hana optimized planning on DSOs is now supported with SP8. It needs 1799168 and Hana 1.0 SP5 (Revision 46) and 1637148.

What are factors influencing the performance?

  • Does the sequence of characteristics influence the performance
  • Yes. As in the case of a usual table with a primary index the most selective characteristic should be placed at the beginning of the table.

Are there any query limitations?

  • Must we specify also UNIT and CURRENCY characteristics?
  • Yes since they are also part of the key. They must be either unique through the filter or part of the grid
  • Does zero suppression work with DSO planning?
  • In general as good as for cube. However keep in mind for NO2 key figures (which are not allowed) also suppressed records are taking into account during aggregation. So hidden zero values can lead to unexpected undefined aggregation level on sum levels

Can read from and load into planning DSOs?

  • Can we use WHM staging tools?
  • You can read from planning DSO as from any other provider. If you have NO2 key figures only reading from the lowest level is possible. You cannot load into DSO, for this you can use the APD (transaction RSANWB)
  • Can we use the APD to read from and load into planning DSO
  • Yes you can read from and load into a planning DSO using transaction RSANWB. However if you have NO2 key figures only load and reading on the lowest level is allowed.