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Connect MaxDB Database to BW System

Updated Jun 08, 2018

Hello Experts,

I want to connect a MaxDB data base to a BW system that is 3.0B o higher in the form of a source system to the external database. Could you let me know any background information I should know before I make an attempt, and if there are any problems that can arise?


  • 20 Apr 2016 6:45 pm Abhijeet Mudgal Best Answer

    You need to be able to load any data from any SAP DB database to a BW system using the function.  Unlike a MaxDB/SAP DB database, you can actually configure this database within the limits of the SAP DB functions. However, there may be any number of constellations that cannot directly be accessed using the external database system. Fortunately, you should be able to find solutions to each specific problem varying with the customer. Note that the expenses that come into this fall under consulting and not under support. Moreover, only attempt to do this if you are experienced in Tools, database specific SQL Syntax, and database specific functions. 

    Not all BW and Basis releases are supported. Make sure that your release falls under the following:

    BW system 3.0B or higher.

    * SAP Web AS 6.20 or higher.
    * SAP kernel 6.20 or higher.
    * MaxDB client runtime that is supported by the SAP kernel of the BW system used.
    * Required release of the source database: MaxDB/SAP DB 7.2.5 Build 3 or higher.

    If the above requirement is satisfied, then the following further requirements have to be met before you can access a SAP DB/MaxDB using a secondary DB connection:

    * Install the MaxDB client software and the corresponding SAP DBI interface library (dbadaslib or dbsdbslib).
    * Enter your system in the table DBCON as described in 955670.

    For more information about the MaxDB client software, see 822271.

    A common problem that can occur when you are adding the new database involves the use of data types. Types such as TIME, DATE, and TIMESTAMP aren’t directly supported by SAP, so you can’t directly copy these data types into the BW system without creating a view that transforms the data. 

    Another problem is that only uppercase names can be supported by the SAP Kernel used in BW. If your names are not already in uppercase, then consider creating a view that changes this. 
    Moreover, BW and other SAP based systems assume that databases are created using cp850 and not “bin”. Keep this in mind when adding the MaxDB database.