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Installation Steps of SAP MaxDB Database Studio

Updated May 18, 2018

How to Install SAP MaxDB Database Studio?

For the platforms Microsoft Windows and Linux, MaxDB Database Studio is available.

  • WIN 32bit
  • Linux 32bit (X86/GTK2)

The latest version of the MaxDB Database Studio is contained in the SAP Service Marketplace.

The Database Studio function can be used from Version 7.5, you can log on the MaxDB databases with the MaxDB Database Studio.

The use of the HotStandby support and external backup tools has not yet been implemented in the Database Studio versions that are available currently. The Database Manager GUI (DBMGUI) or SQL Studio (see 386714) can be used for database versions below 7.5 in order to use these features. 

On the same host as Database Studio, DBMGUI can be installed.

An older MaxDB Database Studio version cannot support the new functions of the MaxDB-/liveCache database software in the Support Packages. Therefore, if possible, the current version of Database Studio should be used. 

Before installing MaxDB Database Studio, it is recommended to close any other programs. 

The following steps should be followed by the user:

1. Any running MaxDB Database Studio should be closed.

2. A temporary directory (for example, C:Temp (Window) or /tmp/inst (Linux)) should be switched to.

3. The SAP Software Center should be log on to

-> Database Patches
-> MaxDB and SAP DB

4. For the system requirements (OS: operating system) (the MAXDBSTDDSK<build>.SAR file), the relevant file should be transferred in the version from the below given path:

-> MaxDB GUI Components/Tools
-> <OS>

5. As described in 212876, in the SAP Software Center the SAPCAR unpacking tool is also available.

6. From the SAP Software Center, logging off should be done.

7. In the temporary directory, unpack the SAR package:


8. The directory created (OS: operating system, PA: Processor architecture) should be switched to:

maxdb-studio-desktop-<OS>-< 32bit>-<PA>-<build>

9. The SDBSETUP tool should be called:


The installation is completed when SDBSETUP issues message informing that the installation was successful.

Information for Microsoft Windows

Be in the installation directory, to start MaxDB Database Studio. This is already set in the relevant link in Windows.

Informatione for Linux/Unix

The privileges of operating system user:

The operating system users must be the member of the database administrator group in order to start MaxDB Database Studio. This group is called ‘sdba’and is created during the installation by default. 

For the operating system user expand the PATH environment variable (example):

export PATH=/opt/sdb/programs/DatabaseStudio:$PATH

Common limitations:

The "Welcome" screen is no longer displayed by the system correctly. Therefore, it is recommended to call MaxDB Database Studio with the -noIntro option:
./dbstudio –noIntro

Switch to the relevant installation directory /opt/sdb/programs/DatabaseStudio, before the MaxDB Database Studio is started. 

A start script example:

cd /opt/sdb/programs/DatabaseStudio
./dbstudio -noIntro