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ContentServer.ini File

Updated May 18, 2018

ContentServer.ini file is an configuration file for the content server. It explains the setup process of those repositories which can be approached from content server.

Setting up ContentServer.ini file:

The section of every repository that begins as follows exists:

ContentstorageName=<database_name> (generally, SDB)
;sqltrace=0 | 1

This section holds each and every parameters which is used to describe the access to the database repository. A repository that may be defined in the database is not possible to access without the relevant section.

A semicolon '; ' can be used at the starting of the line in order to invalidate those parameters which we want to ignore.

For SAP MaxDB 7.8 maintain the driver name as following driver = SAP MaxDB <installation_name>

Maintaining ContentServer.ini file

Please use t-code CSADMIN for maintaining and managing the file.

Location of ContentServer.ini file

The file ContentServer.ini can be found in the installation directory of the content server.

For example: Program Filessapsapcontentserver

We should analyze the file ContentServer.ini if in case for example the connection to the content server does not work.