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SAP DSiM (Demand Signal Management)

Definition or Meaning - What is SAP DSiM (Demand Signal Management)?

Full form or SAP DSiM stands for (SAP Demand Signal Management), powered by SAP HANA, is a suite of consistent and centralized in-memory database that stores huge volumes of data such as internal master and transactional data, external Point-of-Sale (POS) data, market research data, etc. This is incorporated with a system that ensures the integration, cleansing, validation and harmonization of data during upload; so as to accomplish elevated quality results and a common data base for reporting and advanced processing.

The further one goes upstream in the supply chain from the end consumer; cognizance of consumer demand and trend variations reduces. The existing approach in contemporary distribution networks is such that multiple layers lead to latency in data and multiple aggregations lead to loss of granularity. SAP Demand Signal Management (DSiM), with its novel approach, aids manufacturers in realizing a holistic view of the way customer demand trends and sales are materializing downstream, and in real time.

The Benefits of SAP Demand Signal Management (DSiM)

Capture, Analyze, Respond. SAP Demand Signal Management helps enterprises,

  • Leverage external data to gain in-depth market cognizance and respond promptly to stipulations in consumer behaviour – in real time;
  • Accomplish better insights for new product planning and performance of new and existing products, across various stages of the lifecycle of the product ;
  • Drive profits with realistic and innovative sales planning and considerably higher forecast legitimacy;
  • Minimize loss which occurs due to out-of-stock situations and unsuccessful product launches;
  • Reinforce retailer relationships with tailored trade promotions and convincing product offers.

All these benefits result not only in escalating revenues and reducing costs, but also in nurturing robust and healthy collaborations with retailers, attracting mutual benefits.

Scope of SAP Demand Signal Management (DSiM)

  • DSiM delivers pre-built, innovative analytics & dashboards, on the utilization side;
  • Its amalgamated data access allows flexible utilization of demand data (Mobile, BOBJ, custom-built analytics);
  • Integration of social media data is organized and can be expanded and used by customers;
  • It offers the un-usual potential to outsource parts of the data upload processes to 3rd parties.

Key Analytics delivered in SAP Demand Signal Management

  • On Shelf Availability (by location or product)
  • Out-of-stock Analysis (by location or product)
  • Stock Analysis (by location or product)
  • Sales Analysis (optionally with Social Media)
  • Promotion Analysis
  • Product Launch Analysis
  • Market Share Analysis

Further, with SAP DSiM based on SAP HANA, manufacturers can triumph over the restrictions of current relational database technology that fails to handle the quantity, swiftness and diversity of demand data. SAP DSiM has high speed on granular data and is a scalable and centralized in the memory database for ‘Big data’.

Highlights of SAP Demand Signal Management (DSiM)

  • SAP Demand Signal Management delivers influential capabilities to administer and study massive volumes of demand data (POS data), market research data, social media data and internal data.
  • It delivers velocity and elasticity based on In-Memory technology (HANA).
  • Provides pre-defined analytics for leveraging the data existing with SAP DSiM (Demand Signal Management).
  • Delivers Mobile Showcases, e. g. for Key Account Managers and Marketing Directors, and so forth.

Get SAP DSiM Powered by HANA today and become a truly demand-driven organisation!