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Difference between AWR and ASH Reports

Sugandh || 07 May 2015 3:10 pm || 1

Hello Experts,

May I know what is the difference between awr and ash?

AWR vs ASH Reports

Kindly share your valuable thoughts,

Thanks in advance,


  • 23 Jun 2016 2:00 pm Best Answer

    ASH - It can help you when there's a sudden performance degradation of the database felt. Storage is not persistent and as time progresses, the old entries are removed to accommodate new ones. They can be viewed using V$ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY.

    AWR - It holds historic past snapshot intervals and the session performance statistics for analysis later.

    ASH report provides the following information:

    • Top Events 
    • Load Profile 
    • Top SQL 
    • Top PL/SQL 
    • Top Sessions 
    • Top Objects/Files/Latches 
    • Activity Over Time

    AWR reports provide the following information:

    • Report Summary 
    • Wait Events Statistics 
    • SQL Statistics 
    • Instance Activity Statistics 
    • IO Stats 
    • Buffer Pool Statistics 
    • Advisory Statistics 
    • Wait Statistics 
    • Undo Statistics 
    • Latch Statistics 
    • Segment Statistics 
    • Dictionary Cache Statistics 
    • Library Cache Statistics 
    • Memory Statistics 
    • Streams Statistics 
    • Resource Limit Statistics 
    • init.ora Parameters