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Import Oracle 12C Dump in 11.2 Database?

How to Import Oracle 12C Dump in 11.2 Database?

Hello Experts,

I want to import Oracle 12c Dump in 11.2 Database but it showing incompatible version error, I have added VERSION parameter still showing error.

Please suggest me what to do.

I am using this Command ---- impdp system/system directory=dr1 dumpfile=253_1.DMP LOGFILE=da1_1.log schemas=bpmdb1 version=11.2
(Screenshot added)

Thanks In Advance.


  • 13 Oct 2015 4:06 pm Sushma Helpful Answer

    Use Version Option in expdp, then proceed.

  • 27 Jun 2018 2:01 pm Guest

    You have to include the VERSION param during EXPDP not IMPDP. Also you have to export from the 12c server.

    EXPDP user/pwd@host/sid DUMPFILE=db.dmp VERSION=11.2 

    Ow you can import from the 11g server