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Warm Welcome !! Ekta Consulting was found by a Group of senior SAP consultants in the year 2008 and is one of
the leading SAP Real-Time training Providers in Pune. Our unique practical approach to train students on SAP technologies is the key thing that made us stand out from the crowd.

Day to day assignments, Alternate day workshops and Mock-Interviews are few highlights in our training process. Students will be put into real time scenarios from the DAY ONE. Unlike the classical method of teaching , We came up with a new method, which is "Create work culture in the class room" meaning, Students will be taught all the real time business scenarios in the classroom itself, Which gives the student a great confidence to face the Interview.

We guarantee the personal attention on every individual in the class room by helping them understand each and every technical scenario, by preparing resume in more effective manner and by assessing one's technical and communication skills and informing their areas of improvement.

All our trainers are well experienced SAP Professionals and have done several SAP Implementations, so are quiet capable to make you proficient in any SAP technology that you choose from us.


Course Details


SAP HR now called as HCM (Human Capital Management) - is one of the interesting modules of SAP. It deals with all the operations from Hire to Retire  or  Hire to Fire in the organization. Personal Management (Such as , Creating organizational Structure, Employee Recruitment and  Compensation etc), Organizational Management, Time Management, Travel Management & Payroll are some of the key areas of SAP HCM.

Who is Eligible for this Course?

- Any HR professional
- Any MBA Graduate
- Any BA/ BCom/ BSc Graduate.

SAP HR/HCM Course Content


v ERP and ERP Packages

v SAP and its architecture

v SAP and its modules

v SAP Human Capital Management (HR) and its areas

v Discussions with Participants


v Getting Started with SAP screens and icons

v The HR module

v Organizational Information

v Employee Information

Organization Management (OM):

v Introduction to Organization Management

v OM Objects and designing Organization Structure

v Organization Management Master data

v Create Objects

v OM Number ranges

v Essential Relationships

v Create Object Description

v Relationships Maintenance

v Organization Units, Positions, Jobs, Tasks, Reporting structure

v Different interfaces of Organization Management

v Organization and Staffing Maintenance

v General Structures

v Expert mode Simple Maintenance

v Expert mode Info type Maintenance

v Organization Management Reports

Personnel Administration (PA):

v Introduction of Personnel Administration

v Enterprise Structure (Personal Area and Personal Sub Area)

v Personal Structure (Employee Group and Employee Sub Group)

v Personnel Administration Master Data

v Employee Number ranges

v All PA Infotypes

v Infotype Menu

v Employee Personal Actions and configuration

v Action Menu

v PA Features

v Master data maintenance

v Employee Reports

Training and Event Management (T&E):

v Introduction of Training and Event Management (T&E)

v T& E Number Ranges

v Objects in T&E

v Object Relationships

v T&E Structure

v T&E Reports

v Introduction about E- Learning including Object types, Relationships, different between T&E and E- Learning, SAP tables and other concepts

Personnel Development (PD):

v Introduction of Personnel Development

v PD Cycle

v Objects in PD

v PD Template design and configuration

v PD Administration and control

v PD reports

v PD on ESS and MSS

Time Management:

v Introduction of Time Management

v Time Management Infotypes

v Holidays and Holiday Calendar

v Time Management Groupings

v Work Schedules

v Daily Work Schedules

v Period Work Schedules

v Break Schedules

v Absence Types

v Absence Quota Types

v Time Management Reports


v Introduction of Payroll

v Payroll Infotypes

v Payroll basics

v Wage Type Configuration

v Payroll Administration

v Basics of Off-cycle Payroll

v Payroll Reports

Introduction, Overview and Basics (Functional):



v E-Recruitment

v E-Learning

v Workflows

v SAP and 3rd party Interfaces

v SAP HR and BI reports

v SAP HR process on WebDynpro ABAP screens

v SAP Process forms

v SAP Adobe Forms

v SAP Reporting tools

v SAP HCM Custom Development (RICEFW onjects)

v SAP HCM Assessment test

v Preparing for an Interview as a SAP HCM Consultant

Other Information

Course Fee: Not Mentioned

Course Duration: Not Mentioned

Placement Provided: No

Course Details


 Introduction & Modelling:
  • Introduction to Data Warehousing
  • Star Schema and Extended Star Schema
  • Info Area
  • Info Object Catalogs
  • Info Objects(Characteristics & Key Figures)
  • Info Cube
  • Data Store Object(DSO)
  • Insert characteristic as Info Provider
  • Info Set
  • Multi Provider
  • Real Time Info cube
  • Aggregation level
  • Virtual Provider
  • Application Component
  • Data Source
  • Transfer Rules
  • Info Source
  • Update Rules
  • Info Package
  • Transformations
  • Data Transfer Process(DTP)
  • Error DTP
  • Activation of Business Content
  • Metadata Repository
  • Transportations
  • Open Hub Destination
  • Info Spoke
  • Aggregates
  • Compression
  • Reconstruction
  • Process Chains
  • Analysis Process Designer
  • Direct Update DSO
  • Write Optimized DSO
  • Currency Translations
  •  Extraction (Master data & Transaction Data):  
  • Flat file Extraction
  • LO Extraction
  • FI Extraction
  • Generic Extraction
  • COPA Extraction
  • Enhancement of Data sources
  • Bex Query Designer
  • Filter
  • Restricted key figure
  • Calculated Key figure
  • Formula
  • Free characteristics
  • Exceptions and conditions
  • Variables
  • Bex Analyzer
  • Web Application Designer
  • Report to Report Interface(RRI)
  • Customer Exits
  • Errors & Activities
  • Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details


    Sales and Distribution - is the back-bone of any SAP implementation, A simple reason being, a business without sales has no meaning.We have designed a project based training program, Which covers all the real-time scenarios of SAP SD implementation Project. The project has been extensively designed by a group of our Senior SAP consultants.

    Who is Eligible?

    -Any MBA Graduate
    -Any B.Com/ BA/ B.Sc Graduate with Good Sales Knowledge
    -Any One From Marketing Background

    Sales And Distribution Course Content

    Overview of Sales & distribution

  • Organizational structures
  • Sales and distribution aspect
  • Materials management aspect
  • Finance and accounting aspect
  • Document flow and process chain
  • Master Data Overview

  • Working with Customer master Record
  • Working with Material Master Record
  • Customer Account groups
  • Pre-Sales Activities

  • Sales Document structure
  • Inquiries
  • Quotations
  • Sales support
  • Creating, Processing and controlling

  • Sales Order Processing
  • Creation of sales order with reference
  • Item Categories
  • Schedule lines Categories
  • Copy Control
  • Log of incomplete items
  •  Pricing

  • Condition Technique
  • Condition Type
  • Access Sequence
  • Condition Record
  • Condition Table
  • Price determination
  • Definition and maintenance of prices, surcharges, and discounts
  • Fast Material Entry in Sales order
  • Product Proposals
  • Material Listing and exclusion
  • Material Determination
  • Free goods
  •  Sales order Types

  • Rush order
  • Cash Sales
  • Free of charge deliveries
  • Outline agreements

  • Contracts
  • Scheduling agreements· Special Business Processes
  • Consignments
  • Bill of material
  • Shipping

  • Overview of shipping
  • Shipping point and route determination
  • Creating and controlling outbound delivery
  • Delivery processing
  • Picking
  • Picking conformation
  • Processing packing material
  • Packing
  • Goods issue
  •  Billing

  • Billing document types
  • Creation of billing documents
  • Controlling billing documents
  • Overview of billing methods
  • Billing plan
  • Revenue account determination
  • Posting billing document to Accounts
  • Credit management

  •   Integrated case study
  • Other Topics

  • Text determination
  • Partner determination
  • Output determination
  • Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details


    Production planning - is one of the most demanding SAP modules, A Simple reason being, Most of the SAP Implementations are done in Product Based Companies. As the requirement is more and there are very Few professionals Available in the Market for this module, Chances of Getting the Job is much easier when compared to Other modules in SAP.
    On completion of this course You will not only learn SAP PP, But also About the General production planning Strategy of Various Industries, Which makes the session much more interesting. We will teach you the ASAP methodology which is followed in all SAP Implementation Projects,  A brief over view of other functional modules will also be given so that you will be more comfortable to answer the real time questions.

    Who is eligible for this Course?
    - Any Fresh Engineering Graduate from Mechanical, Automobile , Electrical, Electronics, Aeronautical etc.
    - Diploma in Mechanical, Automobile , Electrical, Electronics, Aeronautical etc. With a  Minimum of 1 Year Experience in Production Or Manufacturing  Industry.  Any other Graduates With 1 -2 Years of Experience in Production or Manufacturing.

    Production Planning Course Content

    Plan to Produce Business Process Overview

    Production Planning Master Data

  • Material master configuration and use in production planning
  • Bill of material (BOM) configuration and use in production planning
  • Routings (task lists) configuration and use in production planning
  • Work centre configuration and use in production planning
  • Master Planning

  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • Demand Management planning strategies and planned independent requirements
  • Long-Term Planning
  • Material Requirement Planning


  • Master Production Scheduling procedure
  • Consumption based planning (re-order point planning, forecast-based & Time-phased)
  • Material requirement planning run configuration
  • Material requirement planning evaluation tools

    Capacity Planning

  • Capacity planning master data components
  • Capacity planning scheduling parameters
  • Available capacity determination
  • Capacity evaluation
  • Production Orders

  • Scheduling of production orders
  • Production order components
  • Production Resources & Tools (PRT's)
  • Discrete Manufacturing

  • Planned order structure
  • Production order types
  • Material staging and withdraw
  • Production confirmation
  • Goods movements
  • Order settlement
  •  Repetitive Manufacturing

  • Master Data
  • Planning
  • Planning Table
  • Pull List material staging
  • Back-flushing
  • Reporting & Tools

  • Production planning reporting
  • Material requirement planning reporting
  • Maintenance of master data using mass change functions
  • Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details


    SAP ERP - Logistics Material Management (better know as MM) handles the procurement to payment process, from inventory through final invoice receipt and verification. Is one of the most important modules in SAP. If you are working in a Production/ Manufacturing industry & if you have a good knowledge about procurement & Inventory management. This course is the right one for you. There are so many openings in the market for SAP MM Consultants. And we are here to guide you further.

    Who is Eligible?

    - Any Engineering Graduate ( Preferably Mechanical, Electrical, Automobile, Chemical or From Production background)
    - Diploma holders working in Production / Manufacturing Industry With At least 2  years of Experience.

    SAP MM Course Contents



    ·         Introduction to SAP ERP


    ·         Different types of Projects in SAP

    ·         ASAP Methodology and SAP Implementation Process

    ·         System Landscape

    ·         Introduction & Overview of Material Management

    ·         SAP Login & System Navigation Techniques

     Procurement Process – Basics:

    ·         Procurement Process and Organizational Levels

    ·         Purchase order - Basics

    ·         Goods Receipt – Basics

    ·         Invoice Receipt – Basics

    Enterprise Structure

    ·         Company & Company Code

    ·         Controlling Area

    ·         Plant & Storage Location

    ·         Purchase Organization & Purchasing group

    Master Data

    ·         Material Master

    ·         Customer Master

    ·         Vendor Master

    ·         Purchasing Info Record

    Procurement of Stock Material:

    ·         Request of Quotation/Quotation Processing

    ·         Create purchase Order with Reference.

    ·         Material Valuation Basics

    Procurement of Consumable Material:

    ·         Request of Quotation/Quotation Processing

    ·         Consumable Material

    ·         Purchase Requisition

    ·         Purchase Order

    ·         Valuated and Non Valuated Goods Receipt

    ·         Blanket Purchase Order

    Materials Planning

    ·         Introduction to Material Planning

    ·         Planning Run

    ·         Lot-Size Calculation

    ·         Reorder Point Planning and Planning Evaluation

    Purchasing Details & Optimization

    ·         Processing Non Assigned Purchase Requisition

    ·         Processing Assigned Purchase Requisition

    Introduction to Inventory Management:

    ·         Inventory Management and Physical Inventory

    ·         Goods Movements

    ·         Documents in Inventory management

    ·         Movement Types

    Goods Receipt:

    ·         Goods Receipts with reference

    ·         Goods Receipts without reference

    ·         Return Delivery and Returns

    Stock Transfer/Transfer Postings:

    ·         Transfer Posting

    ·         Stock Transfer between storage location

    ·         Stock Transfer between Plants

    Goods Issue:

    ·         Unplanned Goods Issue

    ·         Goods Issue with reference

    ·         Negative Stock

    Special Procurement:

    ·         Consignment

    ·         Subcontracting

    ·         Third Party sales

    Physical Inventory:

    ·         Preparing physical inventory

    Other customizing settings & Configurations

    ·         Document types in Purchasing

    ·         Field selection and Account Assignment Category

    ·         Message Determination

    ·         Pricing Conditions

    ·         Release Strategies

    ·         Split Valuation

    ·         Evaluated Receipt Statement

    ·         Invoicing 

    MM- FI Integration
    MM-SD Integration
    MM-PP Integration


    Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details


    ABAP  (Advanced Business Application Programming) is one of the many application-specific fourth-generation languages (4GLs) first developed in the 1980s. It is one of the easiest Programming Languages. If you are new to SAP or if you want to switch technology, ABAP is the best choice. ABAP Consultants have high demand in the market due to huge requirement. The role of an ABAPer is to interact with all the functional Consultants of SAP, Understand the business requirement and develop the technical objects. Due to which, you will have high exposure to the other modules. ABAP language is quiet similar to any other programming language and is a simplified version of SQL.

    Who is Eligible?

    -Any IT Graduate
    -Any SAP Functional Consultant
    -Any IT professional 

    Introduction To SAP ERP


    ·         Evolution of ERP

    ·         Introduction to the Technical & Functional Modules of SAP

    ·         Role of an ABAPER

    ·         3 Tire Architecture In Detail

       ASAP Methodology ( Accelerated SAP for SAP Implementation)

    ·         Project preparation

    ·         Business Blue-print

    ·         Realization

    ·         Final preparation

    ·         Go-Live and support 

       Getting Started With ABAP

    ·         SAP Login Details

    ·         SAP Easy Access

    ·         Fundamentals of ABAP Workbench

    ·         Package builder

    ·         Object Navigator

    ·         Information about Repository

       ABAP Data Dictionary

    ·         Data Types in SAP ABAP

    ·         Building Custom Database tables

    ·         Types of Database Tables and their Usage in detail

    ·         Foreign Key relation Concepts

    ·         Domains & Data Elements in Detail

    ·         Database Views, Projection Views, Maintenance Views & Help Views

    ·         Type groups

    ·         Search Helps

    ·         Search Help Exits

    ·         Lock Objects

    ·         Table Maintenance Generator

    ·         Enhancing the Table Maintenance Generator

    ·         Include Structures & Append Structures

    ·         Secondary Indexes

        ABAP Programming

    ·         Conditional Clauses & Loops

    ·         Write Statement & Formatting techniques

    ·         Creating Radio buttons, List Boxes and Checkboxes

    ·         Arithmetic functions

    ·         Local Variables  & System fields

    ·         Selection Screens

    ·         Internal Tables and Work Areas

    ·         Implicit & Explicit Work areas

    ·         Control Statements  

    ·         Working with Field Symbols

    ·         User defined Non-Elementary data Types

    ·          Open SQL & Native SQL  statements

    ·         Standard ,Sorted & Hashed Tables

    ·         Working with Tables with & without Header Lines

    ·         Range Tables

    ·         Select Statement  In Detail

    ·         For-All-Entries To join Multiple tables

    ·         Inner Joins

    ·         Performance Tuning Techniques

    ·         Selection Screen Events

    ·         Read statement

    ·         Database Operations (Update, Insert & Modify)

    ·         Commit work & Rollback Work

    ·         Using classical debugger for trouble shooting

    ·         In-depth Training on New Debugger

    ·         Issue Handling

    ·         Error Identification and Correction

    ·         Throwing Error messages in the runtime

    ·         Success, Error ,Warning & Information messages

        Subroutines & Functions

    ·         Local Subroutines (Forms)

    ·         Function Modules

    ·         Remote Function modules

    ·         Creating Remote destination

    ·         Connecting to 3rd party System

    ·         RFC Calls

    ·         Exception Handling in Functions

    ·         Message Classes

       Batch Data Communication (BDC)

    ·         Uploading the legacy data maintained in EXCEL

    ·         Table controls in BDC

    ·         Background job creation

    ·         Call Transaction Method

    ·         Session method

    ·         LSMW

    ·         End to End Training on LSMW

       Memory Management

    ·         ABAP Memory

    ·         SAP Memory


    ·         The NACE transaction

    ·         Customization of standard scripts

    ·         Cheque Printing and Customization


    ·         Logo printing

    ·         Bar-Code printing

    ·         SPOOL handling


    ·         Classical Reports

    ·         Interactive ALV Reports

    ·         Adding Custom Buttons to the ALV Output

    ·         Row & Cell Coloring

    ·         Hotspot Links & Checkboxes

    ·         ALV With Top of Page

    ·         Interactive ALV to link with Smartforms & Scripts

    ·         Event handling in ALV Reports

    ·         User Commands in Reports

    ·         Submit Report

    ·         Call Transaction Technique

    ·         OO ALVs

    ·         ALV reporting Using Module-Pool Technique

    ·         Menu Buttons and Toolbar Handling using OO ABAP Concepts

    ·         Drag and Drop Functionality in ALVs

    ·         Hierarchical ALVs

    ·         ALV Trees

       Module-Pool Programming

    ·         Creating Table control

    ·         Tabstrips

    ·         Creating Login Screens

    ·         Screen painting / Screen designing

    ·         Push buttons, Radio buttons, Check boxes etc.


    ·         User Exits

    ·         Customer Exits (Function Exits/ Screen & Menu Exits)

    ·         Implicit Enhancements

    ·         BADIs (Classical and New BADIs)

    ·         Screen BADIs

    ·         Menu BADIs

    ·         Filter BADIs

    ·         Enhancement Spots

       Object Oriented ABAP in Depth

    ·         Local And Global  Classes

    ·         Methods and Interfaces

    ·         Constructors

    ·         Calling Instance and Static Methods

    ·         Aliases

    ·         Encapsulation

    ·         Visibility Concepts in Detail

    ·         Public, Protected and Private Sections

    ·         Inheritance

    ·         Sub classes and Super classes

    ·         Self-Reference Me-> and Super->

    ·         Implementing Interfaces

    ·         Polymorphism

    ·         Casting (Narrow Casting and Widening Cast )

    ·         Friend Functions

    ·         Classical Exceptions

    ·         Class based Advanced Exception Handling

    ·         Persistence and Transaction Services

    ·         Interactive ALV with OO ABAP

    ·         Advanced Reporting Techniques

       ALE - IDOCs

    ·         EDI & ALE

    ·         What data can be exchanged?

    ·         Components of ALE

    Ø  Application Services

    Ø  Distribution Service

    Ø  Communication Service

    Ø  Customization Tools

    Ø  Development Tools

    Ø  Scenario Analysis

    ·         Message Types & IDOC Types in detail     

    ·         Basic configuration Elements

    ·         Logical System & Partner Profile

    ·         Architecture of Inbound & Outbound Process

    ·         Outbound & Inbound Processing

    ·         IDOC Filtering

    ·         Custom IDOC creation

    ·         Code Conversions

    ·         ALE Monitoring

    ·         Error Handling

    ·         Serialization

    ·         Mass processing of IDOCs

    ·         Real-Time Business Scenarios

    Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details


    HANA ( High Performance Analytic Appliance) Is the Latest and Powerful In-Memory Database Product Introduce by SAP in late 2011 , and is the real Hotcake in the present SAP market.As HANA is an ETL (Extraction Transformation And Loading) tool, It is necessary for the developer to understand different SAP & Non SAP Sources of Extraction and Different reporting Technologies to Generate reports for Analysis purpose.

    HANA Consultants are the Highest Paid ones in the market and has a Huge Demand, We are proud for being one among the very few Institutes worldwide who are well equipped and Proficient in  teaching  HANA. BI-BO-HANA is the proven successful combination. Because, simply learning HANA doesn't make sense until unless you have knowledge on where to apply your HANA skills.We teach you from the fundamentals of Data-Warehousing till the most proficient level of HANA and its associated Reporting Technologies.



  • History and Fundamentals of Data-warehousing in Depth.
  • Star Schema And Extended Star Schema Techniques.
  • Clear picture on OLTP and OLAP systems.

  • Introduction to SAP-ABAP
  • ABAP programming Basics & Fundamentals of DDIC
  • Understanding the ABAP Function modules and BAPIs
  • Creating RFC Destinations & Remote Function Calls
  • SAP BW

  • Introduction to SAP BW 
  • InfoObjects 
  • Non-Cumulative Key figures
  • Navigational Attributes
  • Master data Load ( Attributes, Texts and Hierarchies)
  • InfoCubes & DSOs
  • Infosets, Multi Providers & Virtual Providers
  • Generic Extraction ( Using DB Views & Function Modules)
  • Generic Delta
  • LOC Extraction
  • Clear insight on V1,V2 & V3 Updates
  • Delta Queue Monitoring
  • Datasource Enhancement using BADI and User Exits
  • Job Scheduling In Detail & Job monitoring in ECC
  • Job Triggering Techniques
  • Process Chain Creation
  • Scheduling & Monitoring Process Chains
  • Error Handling in Process Chains
  • Compression & Aggregation
  • BEx Query Designer
  • Calculated & Restricted Key Figures
  • Formulas ,Variables & Exceptions
  • Filters and Conditions
  • BEx Analyzer & BEx Web analyzer.
  • BEx reporting In depth.
  • Roles & Authorizations
  • Introduction to SAP HANA

  • SAP In-Memory Strategy
  • HANA compare to BW 
  • Architecture 
  • Architecture Overview 
  • IMCE and Surroundings (In memory Computing Engine)
  • Row Store & Column Store 
  • Installation and deployment scenarios 
  • Navigation

  • Introduction to HANA Studio
  • HANA Administration Prospective
  • Modeler Prospective
  • System monitoring.
  • LT (Landscape Transformation) OR Trigger Based Replication.

  • Remote Function Calls
  • Creating RFC Destinations in SAP ABAP
  • Replicating SAP tables from OLTP Server using Trigger based Replication
  • Real time Replication
  • Job Scheduling and monitoring.
  • Parallel and Multi-Thread processing.
  • SQL Scripts

  • Data Types
  • Table Creation, Modification, Updating and Deletion operations.
  • SQL Select Statements
  • Joins and Unions 
  • String Operations
  • Stored procedures
  • CE (Calculation Engine) Functions.
  • Aggregations and lot more.
  • Modelling

  • Applying star schema technique in SAP HANA
  • Attribute Views (Using Hierarchies and Joins in Attribute views in Depth)
  • Analytic Views (Using Aggregations)
  • Calculation Views
  • Using Stored procedures in Calculation Views
  • Aggregations in Calculation Views
  • Hierarchies in Calculation Views.
  • Calculation Engine Concepts in Depth.
  • HANA -ETL Replication Methodology

  • BODS (Business Object Data services)
  • JDBC & ODBC connectivity.
  • Replicating data from SAP OLTP Server Using BODS
  • Replicating data from Flat File Source systems
  • Replicating data from BI System
  • Backward replication technique.
  • Working with HANA on BI Platform

  • Data Extraction form SAP BI into Hana-Server 
  • Reporting on BI Infocubes
  • BI and BODS connectivity
  • Transformations using BODS 

  • Merge Transform
  • Pivot & Reverse Pivot Transformations
  • SQL Transformation
  • Key Generation Transform
  • Validation Transform
  • Case Transform
  • Business Objects CMC & Information Design Tool

  • Creating Repository
  • Relational Database & OLAP Connections
  • Working with Universes
  • Creation of Project & Data Foundation to Build the Universe
  • Creating Data Services Repository User
  • Xcelsius / SAP BO Dashboards

  • Consuming BEx Query
  • Consuming an Universe to Design a Dashboard
  • Working With TABs
  • Working with Workbook
  • Visualizing the data in Charts
  • Using Selectors
  • SAP HANA Reporting Using MS Excel

  • SAP HANA MDX Provider
  • Creating ODBC Connection
  • Reporting Fundamentals
  • Using Filters and Hierarchies
  • Graphical Reporting
  • Advanced Reporting Techniques.
  • Reporting Using Business Object Explorer 4.0

  • Creating HANA Source Systems
  • Managing Info-Spaces
  • Geographical Reporting
  • Time based reporting
  • Hierarchical Reporting
  • Configuring & Indexing the Views
  • Creating Exploration Viewset
  • Creating URLs for Web-based Reporting
  • Reporting with BOEx in Depth
  • Crystal Reports with SAP HANA

  • Creating Relational Database Connection
  • Reporting on HANA tables
  • Reporting on HANA Views
  • Reporting on Stored Procedures

  • End – To –End implementation Scenario
  • Introduction to SAP HANA DXC (Direct Extractor Connection)
  • HANA as a Source System Via DB connect
  • Concept of HANA optimized DSOs
  • HANA optimized InfoCubes
  • Migrating DSOs & Info Cubes to HDB
  • Authorizations
  • Backup and Recovery 

  • End – To – End  Implementation Scenario
  • The ADBC connection
  • Creating External Views on HANA
  • Working & consuming  Stored procedures on ABAP
  • Creating Interfaces and & Proxy Classes to Communicate with SPs
  • Optimizing ABAP reports Using HANA (Live Scenario)
  • Software Development on SAP HANA

  • SAP HANA XS engine
  • Deploying Java Script based Application on HANA
  • SAP HANA with Odata Services
  • SAP HANA UI5 based Development
  • HANA Administration

  • Creating Users
  • Assigning Roles 
  • Authorizations
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No


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