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Extended Database Structure Check

Updated May 18, 2018

Explain an extended database structure check?

The extended database structure check is also referred to as the CHECK DATA EXTENDED or CHECK TABLE EXTENDED. Additionally with the checks listed above, in the ONLINE operational state of the database, the user can verify the length as well as the ascending sequence of the keys (among other things).

In SAP MaxDB Versions 7.5 and 7.6, this check was initially not performed by default during CHECK DATA or CHECK TABLE. User is required to specify the keyword EXTENDED in SAP MaxDB Version 7.5 for performing this extended check.

As of SAP MaxDB Version 7.6.00 Build 30 (PTS 1141376), what is possible if carrying out the extended check in 7.5 by specifying EXTENDED is carried out even without the keyword EXTENDED specified.

Do we have an extended database structure check in the SAP liveCache environment of the container?

No, there is no effect in the EXTENDED option with regard to the container. No extended checks are performed.