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SAP UI Theme Designer Interview Questions and Answers

Updated May 18, 2018

FAQ on SAP UI Theme Designer for SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP

Which prerequisites do I need to use the UI theme designer?

To use the UI theme designer for NetWeaver ABAP prior release 7.40 you need to install the UI Add-on for NetWeaver 1.00 SP04 or higher. Starting with release 7.40 SP04 the UI theme designer is part of NetWeaver.

Please read the documentation, especially the supported and unsupported features that are described in the documentation carefully.

Where do I find the documentation for the UI theme designer?


  • Application Help - UI theme designer documentation
  • Master Guide - Installation instructions

How-to use a custom theme for a SAPUI5 or Web Dynpro ABAP application?

Add the URL parameter sap-theme with the Theme Id and the "Theme Root" to your application.

e.g.: sap-theme=CustomTheme@

Created custom theme is not applied for Web Dynpro ABAP application with URL parameter ‘sap-theme’?

Star Web Dynpro ABAP administration application WD_GLOBAL_SETTING and check parameter “Use of External Style Sheets (WDUSEEXTERNALSTYLESHEET)”. If it is set to “External Style Sheets Ignored” then this prevents applying of custom theme.

What is the different between the path /sap/public/bc/themes and /sap/bc/theming/themes?

  • /sap/public/bc/themes

           For use on productive systems. Allows only read access on theming data. Does not perform any authorization checks.

  • /sap/bc/theming/themes

For use on development systems: Read and write access on theming data. Performs authorization checks on theming authorization object. It is required for the UI theme designer.

See Note 2043817 for further information.

Which authorizations are needed to use the UI theme designer?

Authorization object: /UI5/THEME (Basis: Administration)

Further information can be found in the documentation.

Preview application is not displayed

Check if the protocol (HTTP/HTTPS) are different between the theme designer and the preview application. Some browsers security policy refuses to embed applications with different protocols.

Retry with the same protocol for the preview application as the theme designer has. If both run on the same host you can also leave out the protocol and hostname.

No parameters displayed after preview application is added

Check if the theme designer and the preview application run on the same host. If they are different the theme designer probably cannot access the preview application. Please use a preview application on the same host or on a host that can be relaxed to the same domain as the theme designer's host.

Error Message "Cannot access theme repository"

If this error occurs the URL parameters sap-themeroot or sap-webdav-themeroot are wrong or do not match to the system the theme designer is running on.

Solution: Restart the UI theme designer from SAPGUI using transaction /UI5/THEME_DESIGNER (ok code: /n/UI5/THEME_DESIGNER). If the error still occurs manually change the protocol (http/https), hostname and port of the URL parameters sap-themeroot and sap-webdav-themeroot so that they match to the theme designer (start of the URL in the browser).

Publish option not available / Themes sap_tradeshow and sap_corbu not available

The URL of the UI theme designer was probably manually changed.

Solution: Restart the UI theme designer from SAPGUI using transaction /UI5/THEME_DESIGNER (ok code: /n/UI5/THEME_DESIGNER)

Access images from "Custom CSS" for SAPUI5

  • Open page /sap/bc/theming/themes/UI5/sap/ui/core/themes/THEME?sap-client=XXX (where THEME is the Id of your custom theme and XXX is your client) from your server in your web browser
  • Create folder "img" (if not exists)
  • Upload your custom image into this folder (prefix it with "z_" to do not mess up with SAP standard images is probably a good idea)
  • You can access the images as local files now in your custom CSS, e.g. .xyz  { background-image: z_logo.png }

How can I use custom themes with SAPUI5?

Please find further information in the SAPUI5 developer guide:


Uncaught exception /UI5/CX_VFS_ERROR in the ABAP program /UI5/CL_THEME_UI5_ACCESS_FAST

Please follow these steps:

  1. Please open the transaction SE80, go to MIME repository and open the folder:
  2. Please check if there is a folder named "1.BAK".
  3. If so, this folder has to be renamed to "1".

(You can rename the folder by right clicking it, go to Properties and switch to change mode. You might need a transport request to save the changes.)

Incorrect URL for themes in NetWeaver Business Client or Fiori Launchpad