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UI Development Toolkit for HTML5

Updated May 18, 2018

Please have a look on the following new development for the SAP UI Development Toolkit for HTML5?


[FEATURE] AnalyticalBinding.j: Upgraded to ODataModel v2 
[FEATURE] AnalyticalBinding: Simple auto-expand added 
[FEATURE] Component: Automatic model creation via metadata implemented 
[FEATURE] Component: Automatic model creation via metadata 
[FEATURE] ListBinding: Added getCurrentContexts method 
[FEATURE] OData Message Parser implemented 
[FEATURE] Enabled Referencing jQuery without a concrete version 
[FEATURE] TreeTable.js: Sorting implemented 
[FEATURE] View: Promise aquired via loaded() method 
[FEATURE] XMLView: Asynchronous Loading and Global Preprocessors 
[FEATURE] core.Popup: Added function for initial Z-Index 
[FEATURE] sap.m.MessageStrip: New control added 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.core.RenderManager: "required" property added 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.core.sample.ViewTemplate.types implemented 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.define: Improved integration of raw or AMD modules 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.model.odata.ODataMetaModel: Implemented getODataFunctionImport method 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.model.odata.ODataModel: serviceUrl in parameter object allowed 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.model.odata.type.Double: Is now writable 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.model.odata.type.Single: Is now writable 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.routing.Targets can now be used with UIComponents 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.table.TreeTable: EnableBusyIndicator method implemented 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.test.OPA5: Exception thrown if the OPA-iframe does aswell 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.thirdparty.hasher: Updated from 1.1.3 to 1.2.0 
[FEATURE] sinon: Included the latest version 1.14.1 
[FEATURE] v2.ODataModel: Added promise for metadata loading 
[FEATURE] v2.ODataModel: Delayed annotation loading allowed 
[FIX] ClientListBinding: Includeed 'null' values for filters 
[FIX] Currency: Unitialized/empty bindings correctly handled 
[FIX] Databinding: Allowed usage of model types with custom property types 
[FIX] DateFormat: Fixed relative date parsing for daylight saving time 
[FIX] Ensured existence of namespace during Core.initLibrary() 
[FIX] ExpressionBinding: Operator (-) fixed 
[FIX] HCB-Theme: Changed outline-color for focus 
[FIX] IE9: Loading theme-parameters when stylesheet limit reached 
[FIX] JSONModel: Fixed issue with property binding on root 
[FIX] JSONView: Exception thrown when composite controls fill an association with an object instance (e.g. a SearchField) 
[FIX] Fixed layout issue in XMLView scenario in Explored app with Internet Explorer 
[FIX] Enabled sap-ui-core-nojQuery.js to work with JQueryFilter 
[FIX] ManagedObject: All binding listeners detached on "unbind" 
[FIX] ManagedObject: Supports value 'true' for option 'bindable' 
[FIX] MessageParser & ODataMessageParser: Public API 
[FIX] ODataMessageParser: Public API added 
[FIX] No change in the parameters order when Mock Server exits 
[FIX] MockServer: $expand applied before $filter 
[FIX] NumberFormat: Fixed issues with currency parsing 
[FIX] NumberFormat: Removed unnecessary leading zeros with parseAsString 
[FIX] NumberFormat: new option 'parseAsString' added 
[FIX] ODataAnnotations: Alias replacement in AnnotationsPath Collections 
[FIX] ODataAnnotations: Simple values in attributes allowed 
[FIX] ODataAnnotations: Compatible loaded-event implemented 
[FIX] ODataMessageParser: Correctly determine request-URI 
[FIX] ODataMessageParser: Public API implemented 
[FIX] ODataMessageParser: Message targets set to absolute paths 
[FIX] ODataMessageParser: Added support for relative target and propertyref 
[FIX] Metadata not destroyed when model is destroyed 
[FIX] ODataModel: Fixed incorrect dataRequested/dataReceived events in bindElement 
[FIX] ODataModelAdapter: Correct prototype functions called 
[FIX] ODataModelV2: Fixed MERGE to send only modified properties 
[FIX] ODataModelV2: Fixed setProperty on complex types 
[FIX] Added UMD modules into shim config of module loader; Adopted LIBRARIES.txt 
[FIX] Parse error of first key-value pair in properties file fixed 
[FIX] Promise Polyfill: Invalid argument case for functions all and race fixed 
[FIX] RenderManager: State reset before rendering 
[FIX] Routing API Documentation: Missing or wrong @lends tags fixed 
[FIX] SorterProcesser: Order with undefined values corrected 
[FIX] TechnicalInfo: Display size of configuration limited, no re-opening 
[FIX] V2.ODataModel: Error when trying to submit unknown batch group fixed 
[FIX] XMLView: Support declaration of binding events added 
[FIX] errorResponse property for error response added 
[FIX] analytics.TreeBindingAdapter.js: Root contexts requested only once 
[FIX] core.Control: Events prevented if control is set to 'busy' 
[FIX] core.InvisibleText: Static UIArea no longer invalidated 
[FIX] core.Popup: Saving of '_followOfHandler' fixed 
[FIX] core.Popup: Setting focus in Internet Explorer after opening fixed 
[FIX] core.Popup: Setting focus in Internet Explorer after opening fixed 
[FIX] core.ScrollEnablement: Growing is only triggered for the vertical scrolling 
[FIX] datajs: withCredentials flag set after call 
[FIX] Empty/false key values no longer being overriden 
[FIX] blockLayer z-index implemented 
[FIX] odata4analytics.js: Property name used for DimensionAttribute 
[FIX] Refreshing ODataContextBinding no longer refreshes dependant bindings 
[FIX] sap.m.Popover: beforeClose event fired and control closes correctly 
[FIX] sap.ui.core.Control.js: setBusy method returns 'this' 
[FIX] sap.ui.core.Icon: Fixed rendering issue with 'src' values without protocol 
[FIX] sap.ui.core.Popup: Implemented preventScroll locally 
[FIX] sap.ui.core.RenderManager: Visible DOM elements in preserve area are now avoided 
[FIX] sap.ui.core.format.NumberFormat: Added support for decimals, min/maxFractionDigits when set with a string value 
[FIX] sap.ui.core.routing.HashChanger: Initialized flag marked before firing the the hashchange event 
[FIX] sap.ui.core.routing.History: Browser history checked earlier 
[FIX] sap.ui.core.routing.Router: Do not try to parse the hash if router is destroyed 
[FIX] sap.ui.define: Added support for 'export' flag for controllers and JSViews 
[FIX] sap.ui.model.odata.ODataMetaModel: Fixed errors before loading 
[FIX] sap.ui.table.AnalyticalTable: Issues with expand and collapse of group headers fixed 
[FIX] sap.ui.test.Opa5#waitFor.controlType now also works if the type is still a lazy stub of UI5 
[FIX] commons.Dialog: Fixed focusable elements 
[FIX] v2.ODataModel: Original request given to ODataMessageParser 
[FIX] v2.ODataModel: URL parameters encoded in callFunction 
[FIX] v2.ODataModel: Refresh requests included in the same batch request 
[FIX] v2.ODataModel: RequestCompleted sent for aborted requests 
[FIX] v2.ODataModel: callFunction parameter correctly recognized if mode not set in metadata 
[FEATURE] ClientTreeBindings: Added support for sorting 
[FEATURE] Control: Added ARIA support for busy indication 
[FEATURE] DataType: Improved support for enum types 
[FEATURE] HTMLView: Implemented async resource loading and rendering 
[FEATURE] JSONView: Implemented async resource loading and rendering 
[FEATURE] JSView: Implemented async resource loading and rendering 
[FEATURE] ManagedObject: Template clones reused in bound aggregations 
[FEATURE] MessagingConcept: Added support for longtextUrl 
[FEATURE] ODataMetadata: Prepeared for partial metadata loading 
[FEATURE] OPA5: getContext now available as a static function 
[FEATURE] XMLTemplateProcessor: Declarative setting of "async" for Views implemented 
[FEATURE] sap.layout.Grid: Added new XL break point 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.core.Configuration/LocaleData: Parameter and function added for calendar type 
[FEATURE] v2.ODataModel: Metadata for annotations automatically parsed 
[FIX] AnalyticalBinding: Corrected KeyIndex array access 
[FIX] AnalyticalBinding: Error-Handler object corrected 
[FIX] AnalyticalBinding.js: Negative $skip prevented 
[FIX] Component Manifest: no longer defaults to component namespace 
[FIX] CompositeBinding: OneTime bindings now handled as expected 
[FIX] Fixed JSdoc issue that breaks code completion in Eclipse 
[FIX] Renderer.extend fixed (BCP : 770032) 
[FIX] '& ' (Ampersand) handled correctly in Url parameters values 
[FIX] ManagedObject: Fixed binding degradation to OneWay if formatter is set 
[FIX] MockServer: Fix for sinon Internet Explorer 9 issue (check on FormData object) 
[FIX] ODataAnnotations: Non-strings allowed in LabeledElement 
[FIX] ODataAnnotations: Fixed dynamic expressions in apply 
[FIX] ODataAnnotations: Multiple parameters in dynamic expressions fixed 
[FIX] ODataAnnotations: Apply annotations parsed only once 
[FIX] ODataAnnotations: Support Internet Explorer 11's changed parse-error handling 
[FIX] ODataListBinding: Negative skip value in paging prevented 
[FIX] ODataMessageParser: Check RequestUrl and all messages for targets 
[FIX] ODataMessagePaser: Relative request paths handled correctly 
[FIX] ODataModel: Metamodel bindings now work asynchronously 
[FIX] ODataModel: Event request parameters in batchRequestCompleted fixed 
[FIX] ODataTreeBindingAdapter: SelectionChanged event fixed 
[FIX] ODataUtils.js: Edm.Byte is 1*3DIGIT, not hexadecimal 
[FIX] TreeTable/ODataTreeBinding: Respect application filter 
[FIX] XMLTemplateProcessor: Fixed assert for unknown setting 
[FIX] core.Control: LocalBusyIndicatorDelay when used in 'AfterRendering' fixed 
[FIX] core.Control: Overwriting "_busyIndicatorDelayedCallId" in "onAfterRendering" prevented 
[FIX] core.Popup: De-Registration of child popups fixed 
[FIX] core.Popup: DOM-reference renewed when used in "checkDocking" 
[FIX] sap.ui.Device: Media queries in device API made independent from current media 
[FIX] sap.ui.core.FocusHandler: Focus information updated immediately before a control/element is destroyed 
[FIX] sap.ui.core.Icon: Default "title" removed based on icon-font 
[FIX] sap.ui.core.RenderManager: Duplicate references to Labels (due to labelFor and ariaLabelledBy) in aria-labelledby attributes avoided 
[FIX] sap.ui.core.UIArea: Avoid duplicate rendering when content is moved in rendering phase 
[FIX] sap.ui.core.format.NumberFormat: Empty string parsed as 0 instead of NaN 
[FIX] sap.ui.core.format.NumberFormat: Parse function respects custom plus and minus signs 
[FIX] sap.ui.core.routing.History: History length increase now correctly taken into account 
[FIX] v2.ODataModel: Custom header correctly set in $metadata request 
[FIX] v2.ODataModel: Correctly call success or error handler 
[FIX] v2.ODataModel: Fixed auto-refresh with GET parameters 
[FIX] v2.ODataModel: Added eTag if data is refreshed 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.core.LocaleData: Locale-dependent era name added 
[FEATURE] Added jQuery 2.1.4 but it is not the default version yet 
[FEATURE] Enhanced sap.ui.core.CSSSize with support for calc() 
[FEATURE] Added Explored sample for asynchronous views 
[FEATURE] Handlebars: Moved from version 2.0.0 to 3.0.3 
[FEATURE] ODataMessageParser: Added support for function imports 
[FEATURE] core.IconPool: Implemented support icons with multiple characters 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.Device: Detection for MS Edge implemented 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.core.Icon: 'alt' property added for screen reader support 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.core.Icon: Added "useIconTooltip" property 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.core.Icon: I18n support 
[FIX] AnalyticalBinding: Batch-Handle Abort 
[FIX] AnalyticalBinding: updateAnalyticalInfo made asynchronous 
[FIX] BusyIndicator: BusyIndicator attached to Popup's open event 
[FIX] Element: Added additional documentation for Event delegates 
[FIX] HTML: This is returned in setSanitizeContent 
[FIX] ListBinding: Adapted visibility of getContexts 
[FIX] MockServer: Added missing 403 status code in $batch calls 
[FIX] ODataAnnotations: Apply in dynamic expressions 
[FIX] ODataAnnotations: Removed name property in LabeledElement value 
[FIX] ODataMetadata: Fixed merge function if no entityContainer is available 
[FIX] ODataModelV2: Fixed manual count requests with filter 
[FIX] Promise:Synchronous then() execution in polyfill avoided 
[FIX] Fixed relative URLs in less.js theming parameters 
[FIX] Support Tool: Fixed Control-Tree "Binding" tab 
[FIX] core.Control: All focusable elements blocked by LocalBusyIndicator 
[FIX] core.LibraryInfo: Added check for special cases 
[FIX] sap.m.Popover: beforeClose event fires and correctly closes Popover 
[FIX] sap.ui.core.Popup: Removed the shieldlayer from mobile browsers which fires mouse events without 300ms delay 
[FIX] sap.ui.core.routing.HashChanger.replaceHashChanger: Now copies all events 
[FIX] sap.ui.core.routing.History: Now replaces the global hashchanger as well 
[FIX] sap.ui.core.test.Opa5: iFrame loading works with defaults that search for controls 
[FIX] v2.ODataListBinding: Fixed handling of aborted requests 
[FIX] v2.ODataModel: Annotations-object instantiated earlier 
[FEATURE] Allow rebooting apps with alternative UI5 version from any URL 
[FEATURE] Option to pass a batchGroupId when refreshing a Binding implemented 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.define: Relative module names supported using '../' 
[FEATURE] v2.ODataModel: New getETag method implemented 
[FIX] Removed document.write for compatibility with Cordova in WP8.1 
[FIX] sap.ui.Device: OS detection - support for future Windows versions added 
[FIX] sap.ui.model.odata.ODataMetaModel: Resolved loaded() promise at the correct point in time 
[FIX] sap.ui.model.odata.ODataModel: Stay synchronous if possible in getMetaModel() to be compatible to legacy applications 
[FIX] ODataMessageParser: Function imports with multiple keys


[FIX] List: Internet Explorer 9 truncation handling for the content corrected 
[FEATURE] Button: DesignTime behavior added 
[FEATURE] SemanticPage: Worklist example updated 
[FEATURE] InputListItem: labelTextDirection property added to fully support RTL (right-to-left) mode 
[FEATURE] TextArea: valueLiveUpdate property added 
[FEATURE] Dialog: Explored app samples improved 
[FEATURE] Dialog: Resize and drag feature enabled 
[FEATURE] InputBase: Screen Reader support for value state added 
[FEATURE] MessageStrip: New control implemented 
[FEATURE] MultiInput: Copy and Paste feature enabled 
[FIX] ObjectListItem: Creating title text control no longer causes re-rendering 
[FEATURE] ObjectListItem: Screen Reader Support added 
[FEATURE] Panel: backgroundDesign property added 
[FEATURE] Popover: New placement types added 
[FEATURE] Token, Tokenizer: Screen Reader Support added 
[FEATURE] UploadCollection: API fileDeleted implemented 
[FEATURE] UploadCollection: API fileSizeExceed implemented 
[FEATURE] UploadCollection: API fix for change implemented 
[FEATURE] UploadCollection: API fix for fileDeleted implemented 
[FEATURE] UploadCollection: API fix for fileNameLengthExceed implemented 
[FEATURE] UploadCollection: API fix for uploadComplete implemented 
[FEATURE] UploadCollection: fileRenamed event added 
[FEATURE] UploadCollection: API JSDoc updated 
[FEATURE] semantic.SemanticPage: New set of semantic controls implemented 
[FEATURE] sinon: Included the latest version 1.14.1 
[FEATURE] MessagePage: showNavButton property and navButtonPress event added 
[FIX] routing.RouteMatchedHandler: setCloseDialogs now forwards the property to the targetHandler 
[FIX] Existence of namespace during Core.initLibrary() ensured 
[FIX] 'response' function of sample MockServer corrected 
[FIX] JSDoc issues reported during nightly build solved 
[FIX] Focus on pull-to-refresh button now works for Internet Explorer 
[FIX] Input: removeAggreagtion now returns correct value 
[FIX] MessagePage, OverflowToolbar, SemanticControls: Metamodel description added 
[FIX] Popover: Calculation offset corrected 
[FIX] Routing API Documentation: The missing or incorrect @lends tags corrected 
[FIX] SegmentedButton: Check for undefined button in removeButton function corrected 
[FIX] TDG App: Encoding of German locale (ISO-8859-1) corrected 
[FIX] Table Breadcrumb sample: Order of execution issue solved 
[FIX] ResponsivePopover: Title is now bound at first opening of the sample application in the Demo Kit 
[FIX] CustomListItem: Text selection is now allowed 
[FIX] FlexBox: Error in Internet Explorer 9 avoided when parent is an UIComponent 
[FIX] ListBase: Swipe content changes no longer invalidates the list 
[FIX] Table: Cell content now decides overflow handling 
[FIX] Table: Popin content is now announced by screen readers 
[FIX] ActionSheet: The control no longer reacts to content size change 
[FIX] Bar: Issue when used in the context of the Dialog control solved 
[FIX] ComboBox: Input events of read-only fields suppressed (Internet Explorer 11) 
[FIX] ComboBoxBase: Overlapping issue of the text on Internet Explorer 10 solved (sap_bluecrystal theme) 
[FIX] m.DatePicker, ui.commons.DatePicker: Keyboard navigation issues corrected 
[FIX] DateRangeSelection: Change is no longer fired if it's not changed 
[FIX] Dialog: Compact size is now applicable with onDialog style 
[FIX] Dialog: Drag now depends on the draggable property 
[FIX] Dialog: Explored app no longer points to missing files 
[FIX] Dialog: Keyboard no longer blinks on mobile 
[FIX] Dialog: Opening animation is changed from CSS to jQuery animation 
[FIX] Dialog: The control no longer forces line-height on icons 
[FIX] FeedListItem: Delete and Edit buttons are no longer displayed at the end of the line 
[FIX] FeedListItem: Sender is no longer followed by colon 
[FIX] GrowingEnablement: Build from scratch when there is no data 
[FIX] IconTabBar: Invalidation flow corrected 
[FIX] IconTabBar: Left padding is now correct 
[FIX] IconTabBar: The first text is no longer clipped on mobile devices when the first filter is 'showAll:true' 
[FIX] Input: ValueHelp icon size in compact mode changed 
[FIX] Input: Typo corrected to disable selection remembering 
[FIX] Input: ValueHelp icon is no longer on wrong position if description is used 
[FIX] Input: Width of F4 button adjusted on compact mode 
[FIX] Input: Delayed calls are now cleaned up when control is destroyed 
[FIX] Input: Suggestion popup no longer used on tablets 
[FIX] Input: Suggestion only opened if minimal input is made 
[FIX] Label: Aria-required attribute set 
[FIX] List: Internet Explorer 9 truncation handling for the content corrected 
[FIX] ListBase: ItemNavigation is no longer destroyed 
[FIX] MessageBox: Screen Reader improved 
[FIX] MessagePopover: Duplicate icon in compact mode corrected 
[FIX] MultiComboBox: Usage of empty strings as selected key allowed 
[FIX] MultiComboBox: Popup is no longer closed on first chosen token 
[FIX] MultiInput: MultiInput border padding adjusted 
[FIX] MultiInput: Token style adjusted in High-Contrast Black theme, to align with BlueCrystal theme 
[FIX] MultiInput: Suggestion popup no longer used on tablets 
[FIX] MultiInput: Copy and Paste improved with suggestion items 
[FIX] MultiInput: Focus setting for tokenChange event improved 
[FIX] MultiInput: Keyboard handling of multi-line MultiInput improved 
[FIX] MultiInput: Suggestion in phone mode improved 
[FIX] MultiInput: Token multi-line display in popup dialog improved 
[FIX] MultiInput: Closing multi-line of MultiInput in the explored example corrected 
[FIX] MultiInput: Indicator issue in mobile solved 
[FIX] MultiInput: Placeholder covering ValueHelp button in Internet Explorer corrected 
[FIX] MultiInput: Expanded multi-line MultiInput is now working inside SimpleForm 
[FIX] NavContainer: No longer removes the removed pages from the navigation stack 
[FIX] NavContainer: Memory behavior improved when app has a leak 
[FIX] Page: NavButton now has a tooltip 
[FIX] Page: setBusy overlays header+footer, add 'contentOnlyBusy' 
[FIX] Panel: Support for nested panels added 
[FIX] Popover: Check for empty nav container added 
[FIX] Popover: Control is no longer closed if virtual keyboard is open and 'of' element is no longer out of viewport 
[FIX] Popover: Arrow color corrected 
[FIX] Popover: Content wrapper now has a minimum width of 100% 
[FIX] PullToRefresh: Focus indicator with High-Contrast Black theme added 
[FIX] RadioButtonGroup: Selected index issue solved 
[FIX] SegmentedButton - API property selectedKey is now updated correctly 
[FIX] SelectDialog: Remember selection after cancel button pressed issue solved 
[FIX] SplitContainer: Hamburger button is now adapted when page shows/hides back button 
[FIX] SplitContainer: Master area now can't be closed when switched from ShowHide to Hide 
[FIX] SplitContainer: preventDefault now cancels navigation 
[FIX] Table: Table header row is no longer visible when all column headers are invisible 
[FIX] TablePersoDialog: Initial Focus with grouping corrected 
[FIX] Text: When text in editable form is empty min-height is added 
[FIX] Title, Label: Margin in transparent toolbar context for Bluecrystal and High-Contrast Black theme corrected 
[FIX] Tokenizer: Token truncation no longer affects only token text 
[FIX] UploadCollection.less: Incorrect rendering of attributes fixed 
[FIX] UploadCollection: API of typeMissmatch updated 
[FIX] UploadCollection: Adaptation of data type and documentation of maximumFileSize property corrected 
[FIX] UploadCollection: CSS adaptated for the first and last list item in the way that the space between the items fits 
[FIX] UploadCollection: Call of Method setFileType with undefined parameter no longer triggers an error 
[FIX] UploadCollection: Default tooltip of the fileUploader suppressed 
[FIX] UploadCollection: Filename without any dot now possible 
[FIX] UploadCollection: JSDoc updated 
[FIX] UploadCollection: The focus on filename is now visible 
[FIX] UploadCollection: Buttons no longer overlap the text at resizing 
[FIX] UploadCollection: Files from 'linkedDocuments' folder added to metadata of the Demo Kit example 
[FIX] UploadCollection: Property sameFileNameAllowed corrected 
[FIX] ViewSettingsDialog: Sorting options are now clearly separated (BCP : 115458) 
[FIX] ViewSettingsDialog: Initial focus in filter details page corrected 
[FIX] ViewSettingsDialog: Initial focus is set to the first focusable item of the current page 
[FIX] FacetFilter: Remove icon issue solved 
[FIX] sap.m.RadioButton: Selecting more than one RadioButton with same groupName fixed 
[FEATURE] sap.m.MessageBox: Added new functions error(), information(), warning(), success() 
[FEATURE] sap.m.MultiComboBox: Copy & Paste token added 
[FEATURE] sap.m.ObjectHeader: Added support of alt tag on title image 
[FEATURE] sap.m.ObjectHeader: All instances of sap.m.Link now can be included as an attribute 
[FEATURE] sap.m.PullToRefresh: Screen reader support implemented 
[FEATURE] sap.m.QuickView: New control added 
[FEATURE] sap.m.ScrollContainer, sap.m.Page: scrollToElement functionality added 
[FEATURE] sap.m.UploadCollection: Additional attributes implemented 
[FEATURE] sap.m.ViewSettingsDialog: Implemented support for custom tabs 
[FEATURE] sap.m.FeedListItem: Accessibility test-page added 
[FIX] Removed broken md-template link from Demokit demo apps page 
[FIX] sap.m.ActionSheet: Implemented scrolling for the whole page when run on Android stock browserr 
[FIX] sap.m.ActionSheet: Fixed the height of ActionSheet on phones 
[FIX] sap.m.Bar: Search field has the correct value in sub header bar 
[FIX] sap.m.BusyDialog: BusyDialog gets the focus after it's opened 
[FIX] sap.m.Button: Fixed focus outline drawn on mobile devices 
[FIX] sap.m.Button: Added tooltip should on disabled buttons 
[FIX] sap.m.Button: Unstyled icon is no longer displayed out of the button itself 
[FIX] sap.m.Column: Unit conversion fixed for demand pop-in 
[FIX] sap.m.DatePicker: Long text no longer placed over picker icon in Internet Explorer 9/10 
[FIX] sap.m.Dialog: Resizing does not trigger reposition anymore 
[FIX] sap.m.Dialog: Improvements for setting dimensions implemented 
[FIX] sap.m.Dialog: The dialog will reposition itself after content changes 
[FIX] sap.m.FeedListItem: 'More' or 'Less' link works now as expected after rerender. 
[FIX] sap.m.IconTabBar: IconTabHeader selectedKey bubbles update up to parent IconTabBar 
[FIX] sap.m.IconTabBar: Selected tab gets the focus now 
[FIX] sap.m.IconTabBar: When the IconTabBar is within ObjectHeader, 'setText' is working correctly now 
[FIX] sap.m.Image/core.Icon: Accessibility of Image and Icon control improved 
[FIX] sap.m.Input: FireFox validation visualization removed 
[FIX] sap.m.InputBase: Buggy input event detection added 
[FIX] sap.m.Link: Link without href doesn't trigger beforeunload anymore 
[FIX] sap.m.List: Support for old columns aggregation added 
[FIX] sap.m.ListBase: Active state is no longer affected from list mode 
[FIX] sap.m.ListBase: Apply the focus info correctly after rendering 
[FIX] sap.m.MessageBox: The "details" property now supports JSON 
[FIX] sap.m.MessagePopover: Initial state is loaded when the control is closed and re-opened 
[FIX] sap.m.MultiInput: Enhancde layout for multi-line multi-input in smart table 
[FIX] sap.m.MultiInput: Fixed multi-line MultiInput expand issue in layout 
[FIX] sap.m.MultiInput: Value for tokenizer indicator no longer used 
[FIX] sap.m.Panel: Focused icon now has proper border placement 
[FIX] sap.m.PersoDialog: Added tooltips to up and down buttons 
[FIX] sap.m.Popover: Arrow color corrected when NavContainer has a header 
[FIX] sap.m.Popover: Focus kept inside the Popover in Firefox 
[FIX] sap.m.QuickView: Fixed example in Explored app 
[FIX] sap.m.RadioButton: RadioButton is not removed from old group when setGroupName is called 
[FIX] sap.m.RadioButton: Selecting more than one RadioButton with same groupName fixed 
[FIX] sap.m.RadioButtonGroup: RadioButtonGroup issues fixed 
[FIX] sap.m.ResponsivePopover: Added origin parameter to close events 
[FIX] sap.m.SegmentedButton: The screen reader now works correct when you have sap icon in a button or all buttons contain only sap icons 
[FIX] sap.m.Select: Fixed infinite loop in change event 
[FIX] sap.m.Select: Selected item correctly updated when calling setters on items 
[FIX] sap.m.SplitContainer: Hamburger button is shown when back button in detail header is invisible 
[FIX] sap.m.Table: Popin focus reflected to main row 
[FIX] sap.m.Tile: Fixed handling of events onsapspace and onsapenter 
[FIX] sap.m.Token: Token deletion on a combi-device fixed 
[FIX] sap.m.UploadCollection: Issues in edit mode in combination with other UI activities fixed; Text in the delete file popup changed 
[FIX] sap.m.UploadCollection: Link to open the attachment triggered correctly 
[FIX] sap.m.UploadCollection: Firefox bugs with buttons and file name corrected 
[FIX] sap.m.UploadCollection: Rendering of uploaded items corrected 
[FIX] sap.m.UploadCollection: Rendering of uploaded items corrected 
[FEATURE] jQuery 2.1.4 added but not yet as default version 
[FEATURE] Image: Support setting the src to background-image CSS style 
[FEATURE] MessagePopover: Asynchronous loading of content and asynchronous validation of content links implemented 
[FEATURE] OverflowToolbar: Additional controls can be moved to the overflow 
[FEATURE] Wizard: New control implemented 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.table.Table: Explored sample infrastructure prepared and basic example provided 
[FIX] Popover: The click event is no longer passed through the Popover arrow 
[FIX] BusyDialog: Javascript error avoided when calling API method after destroyed 
[FIX] Button: Default icon tooltip prevented if text is present 
[FIX] Button: Press event is fired after the focusin event 
[FIX] ComboBox: BlackBerry 10 typeahead issue (browser bug) resolved 
[FIX] ComboBox: Picker and input widths are now synchronized on resize event 
[FIX] DateTimeInput: Dialog now opens on tap 
[FIX] Dialog: Delayed set of height and width now works 
[FIX] Dialog: Initial width and height are now set in the renderer 
[FIX] Dialog: The footer html in desktop and phone devices is now unified 
[FIX] IconTabBar: Scrolling arrows are now updated properly when using keyboard navigation 
[FIX] MultiComboBox: High Contrast Black theme no longer has too much padding 
[FIX] MultiComboBox: Rendering improved 
[FIX] MultiComboBox: Placeholder is no longer visible when tokens are chosen 
[FIX] ObjectAttribute: Popover position corrected when opened from ObjectAttribute active text 
[FIX] ObjectHeader: ObjectHeader and IconTabBar 2-Way-Binding issue fixed 
[FIX] Panel: Header is now displayed even without text specified 
[FIX] Panel: Header is now displayed when there is no headerText, only when expandable 
[FIX] Popover: Content is now displayed properly when the device changes its orientation 
[FIX] Popover: ResponsiveGridLayout is now correctly displayed when visibility is binded 
[FIX] Popover: Preferred position corrected 
[FIX] Popover: Popover is now closed when beforeClose event is fired 
[FIX] Popover: reposition from check docking should be executed in the same way with from resize handler 
[FIX] ResponsivePopover: Clone method is now passed to the internal control 
[FIX] Select: Broken change event corrected 
[FIX] SplitContainer: Infinite loop no longer occurs after a page in SplitContainer is moved to another control's aggregation 
[FIX] Table: Now respects selection mode while calculation colspan of group headers 
[FIX] UploadCollection: Correct icon preview is displayed in case of capitalized file extensions 
[FIX] UploadCollection: Edit issue with deleted file name resolved 
[FIX] UploadCollection: Event _onUploadComplete provides status corrected 
[FIX] TextArea: Now converts carriage returns correctly 
[FIX] FacetFilter: Translation issue resolved 
[FIX] MultiInput: Make expanded multi-line MultiInput working inside SimpleForm 
[FIX] QuickView: Width setter corrected 
[FIX] UploadCollection: Data is now displayed correctly when data binding is refreshed


[FIX] Fixed refresh issues on resetting tableview data

[FIX] Calendar: The contrast ration for High-Contrast Black theme corrected


[FIX] BarcodeScannerButton: Internet Explorer 11.09 White Screen because of CustomEvent corrected 
[FIX] BarcodeScannerButton: Camera scanner is now working in standard Fiori client 
[FIX] BarcodeScannerButton: Extension Point next to Scan Icon button now works 
[FIX] BarcodeScannerButton: Missing padding in barcode dialog box corrected


[FEATURE] ColumnMicroChart: Individual column behavior implemented 
[FEATURE] ComparisonChart: Individual bar behavior implemented 
[FIX] sapsuiteuicommonsProcessFlow: Height of ProcessFlow container adapted 
[FIX] HeaderCell: ARIA support corrected 
[FIX] HeaderContainer: Tab navigation order corrected 
[FIX] sapsuiteuicommonsProcessFlow: RTL overflow counter issue corrected 
[FIX] HeaderContainer: Tab navigation order corrected 
[FEATURE] sapsuiteuicommonsProcessFlow: Clickable arrows in the header for overflow added 
[FIX] BulletChart: Template binding corrected (BCP : 1570147328) 
[FEATURE] HeaderContainer: Keyboard navigation implemented (BCP : 1570087860) 
[FIX] BulletChart: ((AltText)) for default tooltip text added 
[FIX] NumericContent: ARIA notification Loading/Failed states added (BCP : 1570107492) 
[FIX] GenericTile: Alt text concatenation corrected (BCP : 1570107466) 
[FIX] ColumnMicroChart: Label colors in HCB corrected (BCP : 1570107396) 
[FIX] MicroAreaChart: Line colors for HCB corrected 
[FEATURE] BulletChart: Nonstring tooltip support implemented 
[FEATURE] GenericTile: The tooltip for Loaded & Failed states added 
[FEATURE] MicroAreaChart: Rendering of the lines added 
[FEATURE] MicroAreaChart: Empty target or active values removed 
[FIX] BulletChart: Right side of the bar corrected 
[FEATURE] BulletChart: Thresholds design changed 
[FEATURE] HeaderContainer: Vertical mode added


[FEATURE] sap.ui.table.Table: Added cozy mode 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.unified.Menu: Cozy mode for BlueCrystal and HCB theme introduced 
[FIX] Ensured existence of namespace during Core.initLibrary() 
[FIX] MatrixLayoutCell: Alignment fixed 
[FIX] MatrixLayoutCell: Alignment fixed in Chrome 
[FIX] MatrixLayoutCell: hAlign fixed 
[FIX] Tree: Selection restored after model change 
[FIX] commons.Dialog: Inital setting of focus fixed 
[FIX] core.Popup: Saving of '_followOfHandler' fixed 
[FIX] sap.m.DatePicker, sap.ui.commons.DatePicker: Keyboard navigation fixed 
[FIX] sap.ui.commons.Accordion: setCollapsedState DOM check fixed 
[FIX] sap.ui.commons.RatingIndictor: Focus outline color adapted in High Contrast theme 
[FIX] sap.ui.commons.RoadMap: Scrolling to first visible step when step is not yet rendered does not cause an error 
[FIX] sap.ui.commons.TextField, ComboBox, DropdownBox: liveChange event added 
[FIX] ui.commons.Toolbar: toolbar not updated during rendering phase 
[FIX] ux3.SegmentedButton: Not focusable when disabled (BCP : 172678) 
[FIX] ux3.ToolPopup & commons.Dialog: Fixed focusable elements 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.commons.Menubar: Support for MenuItems without submenus added 
[FIX] MatrixLayout: text-align is not inherited 
[FIX] Tree: Support binding on named models 
[FIX] Tree: onThemeChanged checks for existance of buttons 
[FIX] commons.Dialog: Invalidation of Dialog stopped if dialog isn't open 
[FIX] sap.ui.Carousel: Carousel in vertical mode reads correctly with JAWS 16 
[FIX] sap.ui.Carousel: Carousel items in vertical mode are displayed correctly 
[FIX] sap.ui.commons.Carousel: Carousel items are displayed correctly with jQuery 1.8.1 
[FIX] sap.ui.commons.Carousel: Fixed bug in keyboard navigation 
[FIX] sap.ui.commons.ComboBox, sap.ui.commons.DatePicker: Combi-device added 
[FIX] sap.ui.commons.DatePicker: Added change event on mobile devices 
[FIX] sap.ui.commons.DropdownBox: Fixed input issue on mobile devices 
[FIX] sap.ui.commons.RadioButton: Selecting more than one RadioButton in the same group fixed 
[FIX] sap.ui.commons.RadioButtonGroup: Binding issues fixed 
[FIX] sap.ui.commons.Roadmap: Default step tooltips suppressed when RichTooltip is used 
[FIX] sap.ui.commons.SearchField: Suggestion is triggered when Ctrl+A is pressed 
[FIX] sap.ui.commons.SearchField: Showing invalid suggestions avoided 
[FIX] sap.ui.commons.TextArea: Fixed arrow up/down in edit mode 
[FIX] sap.ui.commons.Toolbar: Items in the overflow popup are now properly moved to the toolbar instance when there is more than one item in the popup 
[FIX] sap.ui.commons.Toolbar: Items in the overflow popup are now properly removed upon re-rendering while the popup is open. 
[FIX] Element: Additional documentation for event delegates provided 
[FIX] Carousel: Rendering of horizontal carousel items when navigating left and right is now fixed 
[FIX] ProgressIndicator: Screen Reader improved 
[FIX] SearchField: Suggestion event in case of empty value and startSuggestion=0 corrected 
[FIX] Toolbar: Keyboard navigation when invisible item(s) exist is now supported 
[FIX] Toolbar: Opening the overflow popup is not causing a toolbar resize when the toolbar is nested inside sap.ui.layout.HorizontalLayout 
[FIX] Toolbar: Tab indexes on the right toolbar items are now correctly retained upon updating item navigation 
[FIX] ListBox: Native scrolling is now used on touch devices


[FEATURE] SmartField: Additional control type implemented 
[FEATURE] SmartField: Vocabulary-based annotations supported 
[FEATURE] SmartFilter: More OData types and validations supported 
[FEATURE] SmartFilter: Validation for date fields implemented 
[FEATURE] SmartTable: Event added to notify after variant management is initialised 
[FEATURE] SmartTable: Create/use OverflowToolbar in SmartTable implemented 
[FEATURE] SmartTable: More OData types added 
[FEATURE] FilterBar: Cancel event added 
[FEATURE] FilterBar: Basic search in toolbar supported 
[FIX] Predefined fields are now visible when adding a new field 
[FIX] Translatable texts corrected 
[FIX] Corrected mismatch between visibility on smart form personalization popup and inside the smart form 
[FIX] Enabled message to show that merge errors have occurred 
[FIX] Issue when running tests on Internet Explorer 9-11 solved 
[FIX] Save errors corrected 
[FIX] Dialog is now properly destroyed on internally triggered close (esc key) 
[FIX] SmartField: Field-control for unit of measure corrected 
[FIX] FilterBar: Initial assigned filter count determined 
[FIX] FilterBar: The visibility of the Restore button on filter's dialog is no longer only dependant on 'showRestoreButton' property 
[FIX] FilterBar: Workaround for tab event processes before focus on mobile devices implemented 
[FIX] Predefined fields Textarea not found corrected 
[FIX] smartfield.type.AbapBool: JSDoc comment added 
[FIX] smartform.SmartForm: Unit test after fl change corrected 
[FIX] smarttable.SmartTable: Export to excel button gets enabled if binding does not report row count corrected 
[FIX] SmartField: onChange handling reworked 
[FIX] Smart variants: STANDARD variant now able to handle custom filters 
[FIX] Smart variants: Message box is no longer displayed in case of an error with the persistency 
[FIX] Variant suite format: Suite values are now alyways returned as null or string 
[FIX] SmartField: Field-control - visibility property corrected 
[FEATURE] MetadataAnalyser: v4 annotations now supported 
[FEATURE] SmartFilter: An attribute added to enable basic search 
[FEATURE] SmartTable: Measure annotation now supported 
[FEATURE] SmartTable: A single toolbar used 
[FEATURE] SmartTable: SmartTable parses columnIndex information from Column's custom data 
[FEATURE] SmartTable: SmartTable containing sap.m.Table sets the popin feature on sap.m.Column 
[FEATURE] SmartField: fillUriTemplate for link is evaluated 
[FEATURE] SmartField: DataFieldWithUrl property annotation now supported 
[FEATURE] SmartField: consider Masked annotation 
[FEATURE] SmartField: Display behavior for read-only fields is now supported 
[FEATURE] SmartField: Property annotation ui.v1.MultiLineText is now supported 
[FEATURE] SmartForm: Added support for tooltip on group element 
[FIX] sap.ui.comp.navpopover.NavigationPopover: Placement set to auto to fix display issues on small screens


[FEATURE] jQuery can be referenced without a concrete version 
[FIX] Ensured existence of namespace during Core.initLibrary() 
[FIX] Icon Explorer: Added footer for favorites list in edit mode 
[FIX] Explored App: Fixed CSS paths (Component includes) 
[FEATURE] Explored sample for asynchronous views implemented 
[FEATURE] Demokit: Navigation tree changed and filter introduced 
[FEATURE] Demokit/SDK: Warning is displayed in header for SNAPSHOT versions


[FEATURE] DesignTime: Renamed CSS classes according to SAPUI5 specification 
[FEATURE] Introduced first version of UI5 design time 
[FIX] Ensured existence of namespace during Core.initLibrary() 
[FIX] designTime: Cleaned up style.css and added LESS support 
[INTERNAL] fixes typo in DragElementWrapper and formatting in library.js 
[FIX] Parent-path search algorithm fixed 
[FIX] sap.ui.dt : Fixed bNestedView handling and unsupported badge 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.dt: Added utility function to find the next parent block


[FIX] Enabled message to show that merge errors have occurred

[FEATURE] AppComponent: migrated from POC to UI5 lib 
[FEATURE] Transaction Controller migrated 
[FEATURE] NavigationController migrated


[FEATURE] sap.ui.layout.FixFlex: Added scrolling option 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.layout.form.Form: Added function to get DOM representation of FormConatiner and FormElement 
[FIX] Ensure exiatence of namespace during Core.initLibrary() 
[FIX] SimpleForm: Fixes problem with empty form containers on removeContent 
[FIX] Splitter: Enable autoresize on bar move end 
[FIX] sap.ui.layout.form.Form: Keyboard navigation issues 
[FEATURE] sap.layout.Grid: Added new XL breakpoint 
[FIX] sap.ui.layout.for.Form: Fixed changing order of FormContainer 
[FIX] sap.ui.layout.Form: RadioButton in compact mode fixed 
[FIX] VerticalLayout: Vertical alignment issue in Safari resolved 
[FEATURE] DynamicSideContent: New control implemented


[FIX] RichTextEditor: Call re-initializes only once per stack 
[FIX] RichTextEditor: Language Fallback for TinyMCE4 
[FIX] RichTextEditor: Re-rendering issue fixed 
[FIX] RichTextEditor: Wait for TinyMCE initialization 
[FIX] RichTextEditor: Added TinyMCE4 language support and fallback


[FEATURE] sap.ui.rta library added 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.rta: Context sensitivity added to ContextMenu 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.rta: Enabling / disabling of CreateCustomField button now supported 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.rta: Styling of fieldrepository done / context menu fixed 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.rta: Example rta page added 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.rta: fakeLrepConnector enabled with localStorage 
[FIX] sap.ui.rta: pom dependencies corrected 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.rta: Added value help and tooltip in field repository 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.rta: Added re-sorting button to FieldRepository dialog 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.rta: Added new SamplePage for RuntimeAuthoring - one with adapt button enabled,and one with disabled 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.rta: Throws an error if running on a browser different than Internet Explorer or Chrome 
[FIX] Fixed Layout for runtime authoring toolbar 
[FIX] sap.ui.rta: Fixed styling of resort label in field repository 
[FIX] sap.ui.rta: Fixed module path for FLP 
[FIX] RTA:Fixed bottom toolbar in RTA 
[FIX] RTA: Implemented ToolsMenu Control API 
[FIX] RTA: App-Descriptor is now used in RTA Demo App 
[FIX] sap.ui.rta: FieldRepository to filter out already displayed or added fields corrected - entity types to field repository added 
[FIX] : Button texts in RTA changed

[FIX] ResourceServlet: Closing the JAR handles ensured


[FIX] Ensured existence of namespace during Core.initLibrary()


[FEATURE] AnalyticalBinding.js: Upgraded to ODataModel v2 
[FEATURE] TreeTable.js: Sorting implemented 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.table.Table: Added cozy mode 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.table.Table: Added cozy mode 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.table.Table: Added cozy mode 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.table.Table: sap.m accessibility test page added 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.table.TreeTable: EnableBusyIndicator implemented 
[FIX] AnalyticalTable: Rendering of selection checkboxes fixed 
[FIX] AnalyticalTable.js: expand/collapse by index implemented 
[FIX] DataTable.js: Resolved undefined function call 
[FIX] Ensured existence of namespace during Core.initLibrary() 
[FIX] Table.js: Fixed rendering of select-all icon 
[FIX] Table.js: SelectionModel reset when table is rebound 
[FIX] TreeTable.js: Removed 'undefined' function call 
[FIX] sap.ui.Table: Fixed positioning of GroupHeader label 
[FIX] sap.ui.Table: Row count calculation is now limited to "this" 
[FIX] sap.ui.table.*: Fixed SHIFT+TAB key combination w/o column header 
[FIX] sap.ui.table.*: Fixed SHIFT+TAB key combination w/o column header 
[FIX] sap.ui.table.*: Tabbing issue in non-accessibility fixed 
[FIX] sap.ui.table.*: Row header tooltip for rows without binding context fixed 
[FIX] sap.ui.table.AnalyticalTable: Fixed row selection when grouped columns are invisible 
[FIX] sap.ui.table.AnalyticalTable: Fixed issues with expand and collapse of group headers 
[FIX] sap.ui.table.AnalyticalTable: Corrected calculation of group header 
[FIX] sap.ui.table.Table: Focus indicator for table parts fixed 
[FEATURE] ClientTreeBindings: Sorting supported 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.table.*: Screen reader for JAWS 16 implemented 
[FIX] Table.js: Auto busy indicator - removed doubled contexts 
[FIX] sap.ui.table.*: Screen reader for JAWS 16 implemented 
[FIX] sap.ui.table.AnalyticalTable: GroupHeader no longer truncated 
[FIX] sap.ui.table.AnalyticalTable: Selection model issues when no binding is present fixed 
[FIX] sap.ui.table.Table: Scrollbar flickering fixed 
[FIX] sap.ui.table.Table: Last line toggles visibility 
[FIX] sap.ui.table.Table: MultiHeader Column Menu Opening DomRef 
[FIX] sap.ui.table.Table: _setBusy in createRows function fixed 
[FIX] sap.ui.table.Table: Problem with non-resizable columns fixed 
[FIX] sap.ui.table.Table: text view creation in sap.m context 
[FIX] sap.ui.table.TreeTable: attachSelectionChanged for client tree bindings implemented 
[FIX] sap.ui.table.TreeTable: Apply call when second parameter must be an argument 
[FEATURE] AnalyticalTable: GroupHeader is made touch-ready 
[FEATURE] Table: Column header menu for touch device added 
[FEATURE] Table: Explored sample infrastructure prepared and basic example provided 
[FIX] TreeTable.js - collapseAll for ClientTreeBindings corrected 
[FIX] Table: ColumnResizeHandler can overlay scrollbar 
[FIX] sap.ui.table.*: Handling of aria texts and tooltips for row selection corrected 
[FIX] sap.ui.table.Row: getIndex function to return correct index for fixed rows corrected


[FEATURE] sap.ui.unified.Menu: Cozy design for BlueCrystal and HCB theme introduced 
[FEATURE] sap.unified.Calendar: Added new Dates row view 
[FIX] Calendar: Month picker updated only if rendered 
[FIX] Ensured existence of namespace during Core.initLibrary() 
[FIX] FileUploader: Internet Explorer focus behavior fixed 
[FIX] sap.ui.unified.Currency: Render string tooltip fixed 
[FIX] sap.ui.unified.FileUploader: IE change event handling fixed 
[FIX] sap.ui.unified.FileUploader: Internet Explorer change event handling fixed 
[FIX] sap.ui.unified.FileUploader: Setting content-type for Internet Explorer 9 repaired 
[FIX] sap.ui.unified.FileUploader: buttonOnly mode fixed when container is invisible 
[FIX] sap.ui.unified.FileUploader: File-type check fixed 
[FIX] sap.ui.unified.FileUploader: Bug with invisible + % width fixed 
[FIX] sap.ui.unified.FileUploader: Bug with invisible + % width fixed 
[FIX] sap.ui.unified.Menu/sap.ui.commons.Menu: Internet Explorer 8 support removed 
[FIX] sap.ui.unified.Menu: Submenu closes when textfield item is focused 
[FIX] unified.SplitContainer: Timer cleared on exit 
[FIX] sap.ui.unified.FileUploader: Width for buttonOnly mode fixed 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.unified.Calendar, sap.m.DatePicker: Added support for Islamic calendar 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.unified.FileUploader: uploadStart event introduced 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.unifiedFileUploader: ARIA support added 
[FIX] sap.ui.unified.FileUploader: Fileuploader is now vertically aligned with other sap.m controls 
[FIX] sap.ui.unified.FileUploader: setTooltip() fixed 
[FEATURE] Calendar: New properties added to set weekend and first weekday 
[FEATURE] CalendarLegend: Specify type of an item is allowed 
[FEATURE] FileUploader: Abort function improved 
[FIX] Calendar: Focus issues after change of selectedDates corrected 
[FIX] Calendar: specialDates can not be removed 
[FIX] FileUploader: m styling corrected 
[FIX] FileUploader: sameFilenameAllowed fixed for multiple 
[FIX] Menu: Open Popup before Menu state is set to opened 
[FIX] calendar.MonthPicker: Avoid browser dependent width rounding issues 
[FEATURE] Calendar: All space in islamic case is now used 
[FEATURE] FileUploader: Function enhancement aborted 
[FIX] Calendar: Focus lost on tab on year picker corrected


[FIX] DataSet: Fixed updating Items when doing multiple setData calls 
[FIX] Ensured existence of namespace during Core.initLibrary() 
[FIX] core.Popup: Setting focus in Internet Explorer after opening fixed 
[FIX] Overlay: Focus restored correctly when closing Overlay 
[FIX] ThingViewer: Added ellipsis for long subtitle in header (Internet Explorer) 
[FIX] ToolPopup commons.Dialog: Fixed focusable elements 
[FIX] ToolPopup: Fixed popup position after changing its size 
[FIX] ToolPopup: Overflow when ToolPopup exceeds window fixed 
[FIX] ToolPopup: ToolPopup made aware when content re-renders 
[FIX] ToolPopup: Constant increase in height for the control triggered by first resize corrected 
[FIX] DataSetSimpleView: View update suppressed if not rendered


[FIX] Fixed response function of InboxMockServer 
[FIX] Fixed response function of InboxMockServer 
[FIX] Inbox: N:NWTC:BT:M: stream view loads correctly (BCP : 1570029104) 
[FIX] Inbox: Substitution rules are now distinguishable in Unified Inbox (BCP : 1570443473) 
[FIX] Inbox: sap-inbox-overlay=true added (BCP : 133485) 
[FIX] Inbox: Pre-Filtering in BPM Inbox implemented (BCP : 49387) 
[FIX] Inbox: Tasks are now displayed correctly after clicking on refresh (BCP : 1570460445)


[FEATURE] Added a ChartDemo App 
[FIX] Data label visibility will get updated during zooming in/out when dataLabel.hideWhenOverlap is set to TRUE. 
[FIX] JSdoc: Increased memory and excluded all native sap.viz resources 
[FIX] VizFrame type set to a particular type correctly 
[FIX] Hiding time_bubble chart with width '0%' throws an error by setting container DOM to 'display:none'


[FEATURE] sap.m.Dialog: resize and drag enabled 
[FEATURE] sap.m.MessageStrip: New control added 
[FEATURE] sap.m.Panel: BackgroundDesign property added 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.table.Table: Added cozy mode 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.table.Table: Added cozy mode 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.table.Table: Added cozy mode 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.table.Table: Added indicator for fixed column count 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.unified.Menu: Cozy design for BlueCrystal and HCB theme introduced 
[FEATURE] sap.unified.Calendar: New Dates row view added 
[FIX] designTime: Cleaned up style.css added LESS support 
[FIX] sap.m.Button: Fixed hover state when transparent 
[FIX] sap.m.IconTabBar: Left padding is now correct 
[FIX] sap.m.IconTabBar: The first text is no longer clipped on mobile devices when the first filter is "showAll:true" 
[FIX] sap.m.Input: Changed ValueHelp icon size in compact mode 
[FIX] sap.m.Input: Fixed position of ValueHelp icon if description is used 
[FIX] sap.m.Input: Adjusted width of F4 button in compact mode 
[FIX] sap.m.MessagePopover: Duplicate icon in compact mode corrected 
[FIX] sap.m.MultiComboBox: Popup no longer closed on first chosen token 
[FIX] sap.m.MultiInput: Border padding adjusted 
[FIX] sap.m.MultiInput: Adjusted token style in High Contrast Black theme to align with BlueCrystal theme 
[FIX] sap.m.MultiInput: Removed suggestion popup on tablets 
[FIX] sap.m.MultiInput: Fixed placeholder covering ValueHelp button in Internet Explorer 
[FIX] sap.m.P13nColumnsPanel : CSS correction for phone ablet 
[FIX] sap.m.Text: When text in editable form is empty, min-height is added 
[FIX] sap.m.Title/Label: Margin in transparent toolbar context for Bluecrystal and HCB theme fixed 
[FIX] sap.m.ToggleButton: Fixed the custom button's outline - CSS issue (Internet Explorer) 
[FIX] sap.ui.commons.ComboBox: Fixed text alignment in Internet Explorer 10 
[FIX] sap.ui.commons.TextView: Contrast for success color fixed 
[FIX] sap.ui.table.AnalyticalTable: Calculation of Group Header fixed 
[FIX] sap.ui.table.AnalyticalTable: Calculation of Group Header fixed 
[FIX] sap.ui.unified.CalendarLegend: Error in css rule for today fixed 
[FIX] sap.ui.unified.Menu/sap.ui.commons.Menu: Internet Explorer 8 support removed 
[FEATURE] sap.m.QuickView: New control added 
[FIX] Theming: Background customizing fixed for UShell control (Lauchpad) 
[FIX] Tree: Scrollbars in 100% height containers avoided 
[FIX] sap.m.ActionSheet: Fixed the height of ActionSheet on phones 
[FIX] sap.m.Bar: Fixed search field value in sub header bar 
[FIX] sap.m.Button: Focus outline drawn on mobile devices fixed 
[FIX] sap.m.ComboBox: Height and line-height of the arrow button fixed 
[FIX] sap.m.ComboBox: Input field text no longer overflows in arrow button in Internet Explorer 10 
[FIX] sap.m.DatePicker: Long text no longer covers picker icon in Internet Explorer 9/10 
[FIX] sap.m.MultiInput: Value no longer used for tokenizer indicator 
[FIX] sap.m.ObjectStatus: Font size in tables aligned with design spec 
[FIX] sap.m.Panel: Focused icon now has proper border placement 
[FIX] sap.m.Popover: Arrow color corrected when NavContainer has a header 
[FIX] sap.m.UploadCollection: Firefox bugs with buttons and file name corrected 
[FIX] sap.ui.layout.Form: RadioButton in compact mode fixed 
[FEATURE] sap.m.OverflowToolbar: Additional controls can move to the overflow 
[FEATURE] sap.m.Wizard: New control implemented 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.table.AnalyticalTable: GroupHeader made touch-ready 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.table.Table: Added a column header menu for a touch device 
[FEATURE] sap.ui.unified.CalendarLegend: Allowed to specify type of an item 
[FIX] sap.m.IconTabBar: Text tabs drop shadow is changed from 50% opacity to 70% opacity 
[FIX] sap.m.MultiComboBox: Improved rendering 
[FIX] sap.m.ObjectAttribute: Text is now displayed on 100% if no title is set 
[FIX] sap.m.RadioButton: Colors for pressed warning/error radio button corrected 
[FIX] sap.m.SplitContainer: Removed the thin blue line between master and detail when it's rendered in Launchpad shell 
[FIX] sap.ui.commons.Button: Emphasized button with hover and focus color fixed 
[FIX] sap.ui.core.Icon: Icon no longer gets a different color only when it's directly under sap.m.Toolbar 
[FIX] sap.ui.unified.FileUploader: Improved m styling


[FEATURE] sap.unified.Calendar: New Dates row view implemented 
[FIX] sap.ui.commons.ComboBox: Fixed text alignment in Internet Explorer 10 
[FIX] sap.ui.unified.Menu/sap.ui.commons.Menu: Internet Explorer 8 support removed 
[FIX] Tree: Scrollbars in 100% height containers avoided