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How to handover projects in to operations mode with the SAP Solution Manager

How to handover projects in to operations mode with the SAP Solution Manager

I will guide you through this tutorial.

You will get an overview on how to handover projects in to operations mode with the SAP Solution Manager.

  • Configuration assignment are available,
  • Documentation is visible and can be changed,
  • Test Cases are available to perform Test after Changes,
  • End -user Training feature available in Operations,
  • Same concept of Logical Components in Solution Manager,



Benefits of solution Directory
This page provides some information about the benefits of the Solution Directory.




Sap Support Portal – Technology Consultant $  System Administrator – Microsoft Internet Explorer.
The topic “ technology Consultant & System Administrator” provides more information about the Solution  Directory.



SAP Easy Access
You have to start the transaction “SAP Solution Manager”, see “Favorites” section. Alternatively,
you can choose the menu item “Tools-SAP Solution Manager-Solution Operation” to start the transaction.
To proceed, please click on “SAP Solution Manager”.



SAP Solution Manager: Active Solutions
After creating the solution “Test Solution”, we are going to add a project.
To continue, please click on “Test Solution”.



SAP Solution Manager: Test Solutions
Select “Project Scoping” to add a new project to a solution or to manage projects that have been already assigned.



Sap Support Portal – Solution Consultant – Microsoft Internet Explorer.

How to create a project or on dealing with business blueprints and configuration and test organization,
please visit the SAP Help Portal, quicklink rkt-solman.
Additional tutors are also available.



SAP Solution Manager: Test Solutions

Therefore, click on “Solution Landscape” in the blue box.



Change Solution Directory
We double clicked on “Business Scenarios” and added the Solution Manager.
Then we selected “Project” in the drop-down menu in the “Structure” Tab on the right.
T o proceed, click in the first field of Scenario Name.



Project/Business Scenarios/Scenario
Select the project to be added
Click the arrow.



Project/Business Scenarios/Scenario
Click again to display the available business scenarios.



Project/Business Scenarios/Scenario
Click to select the business scenario “Test Scenario-Banking” form the HO_Project.


Project/Business Scenarios/Scenario
Please scroll down
Click on “Confirm”.



Change Solution Directory
Save the imported data. Therefore, click “Save” button.



Change Solution Directory
The folder “Business Scenario” is displayed. It includes the new created scenario “Test Scenario Banking”
with the attached business process “Managing Customer Information File”. In case we have added other scenarios or processes to the HO_Project,
Click on “SAP ECC-DR3”.



Change Solution Directory
In our HO_Project we have only attached the system “SAP ECC Server”.
It is of course possible to add more systems if needed
Click “Save” button.



SAP Solution Manager: Test Solution

This is the end of SAP Solution Manager tutorial.