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HAR Files in SAP Analytics Cloud

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HAR Files in SAP Analytics Cloud

What is HAR (HTTP Archive Files) file?

HAR (HTTP Archive Files) is an important tool which is used to troubleshoot system errors and various performance issues in SAP Analytics Cloud. It was previously known as (SAP BusinessObjects Cloud / BOC), especially when the issue cannot be reproduced by SAP.

How to collect HAR files in SAP Analytics Cloud?

Please follow the steps below in order to collect HAR files in SAP Analytics Cloud:

  • First in Chrome menu go to Menu > More tools > Developer tools to open Chrome Developer Tools or you can also open it by presssing Ctrl+Shift+C (or the F12 function key) on your keyboard while the Chrome is focus.
  • Now go to the Network Tab and ensure the circle in top-left corner is red, if it is grey then please click it to start recording and make sure it is red.
  • Now please clear the log by clicking the circle with the line through it
  • Now please check box 'preserve log'
  • Now please go through all the steps that you perform when observing the performance problem (it is recommended to make a video).
  • Don't forget to note down the high level steps you are performing
  • Now please right click the requests grid and click 'Save as HAR with Content'.
  • Now at last zip the HAR file and send it to SAP as instructed by your contact.

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