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Important RMAN Interview Questions and Answers

Important FAQ's on RMAN asked by Interviewers.

I have few questions on RMAN. Please guide.

1.1 IF I DO RESTORE second time, WILL IT SKIP already backed up datafile and archivelog file FILE AND skip RESTORE them AGAIN?

1.2 Is that because of backup optimization on?

2 ) CAN I SCHEDULE FULL BACKUP like basically same cron same time FROM BOTH THE NODES.? Does it start backing up twice or its one process logically. How does this work, if possible.

3) What is the difference between active clone and dbrefresh?

4) In order to find SCN for PITR. How can I find what was SCN earlier when human error happened?

Thanks In advance!!


  • 31 Aug 2015 2:19 pm Abhijeet Mudgal Helpful Answer

    Hello Sugandh,

    Please be more clear about your first question, I did not get it.....

    And the rest answer are following

    2) you cannot run multiple rman backups parallely.
    3) Active duplication involves no backup. the required files are transferred to the destination via network whereas normal duplication/clone/db refresh involves taking a backup on source then transferring files to dest and restore/recover/duplicate.

    4) Simple check with the user who commited the error .of course you cannot pin point the exact time unless you use logminer to look at the sql statement execution time.