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Mobile Platform Interview Questions

SAP Mobile FAQs

Is Windows platform supported for Mobile?

No, It only supports Android and iOS.

Are we required to design our eLearning courseware differently?

In a scenario where content needs Java to play but Java is not on a mobile device, then it will not play. Then the user can use Scorm wrapper or AICC wrapper for keeping a track of the learning of his web app course.

What are the considerations for enabling SAP application for mobile?

When a user enables the mobile option of the content, there will be a mobile file listed to the content object. Now you will notice mobile content there and which will playable on mobile device. In case if it doesn't play then that mans that it will take the normal content path.

How can the user enable SuccessFactors mobile Re-authentication?

The end-users have to re-authenticate periodically on SuccessFactors App, the user would have to enable the Mobile Re-authentication.

Please follows the steps listed below for enabling :

  • User goes to Admin Center;
  • Clicks on Mobile;
  • User clicks on the Enable Mobile Features;
  • On the Enable Mobile Features (screenshot below), user marks the Require Re-authentication checkbox;

For setting the re-authentication period, user will have to click on the gear on the right of the checkbox text;

  • User will then need to insert the period (in days) that he wants that the users carry out the re-authentication (from 30 to 180 days)

How can we derive the latest BI Mobile SDK software?

User logs into the SAP Support Portal, and clicks on the Download Software.

Searches for:
...and scrolls down to for reaching the Android SDK Downloadables

Search for:
...and scrolls down to get the iOS SDK Downloadables

Which is the version of SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 which supports Android8?

The SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 supports Android 8 in the version listed below:


SP Version


SAP Mobile Platform Runtime 3.0

(contained in

SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 MBO Runtime

SP 14
(contained in

SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 SDK

SP 16 PL08
(contained in

SAP Mobile Platform SDK 3.0 MBO Toolkit

SP 14
(contained in