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MRP is Not Applying for the Archived Logs

Updated May 18, 2018

MRP is not applying the archived logs because one of the archived log got corrupted in standby before applying. Same archivelog is missing in primary too.

However tried to perform an incremental backup and restored the standby successfully.

Now difference between primary and standby is zero but still MRP is looking for the old corrupted archived log.


Follow the below steps:

1) Take current SCN of DR.
2) Take current control file backup for standby from primary DB.
3) Take incremental backup from primary using DR current SCN number.
4) Move that incremental backup to DR.
5) Cancel MRP and shutdown DR.
6) Startup nomount.
7) Restore latest control file from RMAN backup.
8) Mount standby database.
9) Recover standby using Recover database command in RMAN prompt.
10) RMAN recovery ends with error its asking archivelog sequence for after backup.
11) Lastly go to SQL prompt and Start MRP.

It won't ask any old archivelog because control file updated or (restore).