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SAP PO (Process Orchestration)

Definition or Meaning- What is SAP PO?

Full form or SAP PO stands for (Process Orchestration) is a combination of diverse SAP components i.e. SAP Business Process Management, SAP Process Integration, and SAP Business Rules Management. The amalgam of these components results in an integrated system. This SAP module presents the best enterprise solutions for all business tasks, from the optimization of the simple ones to the efficient handling of complex manipulative business processes. It empowers the flexibility of business solutions through lesser investments and reduced costs, by generating all the solutions on a single platform only.

SAP Process Orchestration provides a full package and resourceful tools for the implementation of business processes. The sequence of activities related to this field can be properly scheduled for the implementation of requisite orchestration methods by experts/consultants in the field. Additionally, the integration of Advanced Adapter Engine of SAP Net Weaver with business management processes/ concepts has extended the modeling and operational functioning of new SAP concepts. This is where the features and functionalities of SAP PO (which works only on AS Java) comes in handy and helps organizations reach their goals.

SAP Process Orchestration (PO) Courses

One can attain knowledge in this field by working in a related Java-based environment. A certificate course in SAP PO (Process Orchestration) provides aspirants with adequate knowledge on all the key aspects of process orchestration and is becoming indispensable for current day organizations. The SAP Net Weaver Process Orchestration course is a business-driven course that introduces aspirants to the integration of different systems on one platform.

The content covered under this course includes:

  • Designing and employment of all the processes involved in SAP PO (Process Orchestration).
  • Efficient employment of all the applications related to SAP Net Weaver Developer Studio, in a controlled process environment.
  • SAP-based procedures for implementing the rules of varied business processes.
  • A better understanding of the flow of messages and other data.
  • Use of XML and other repository functions for message streams.
  • Configuring of different scenarios for the flow of data and messages between various technical processes in SAP Net Weaver Developer Studio, and applicable business applications.
  • Error handling for process flow in the SAP Net Weaver package.

Scope and Opportunity of a Career in SAP PO

People who want to extend their business capabilities with the use of integration processes can aspire to attain certification in this field. Mostly, those who access Advanced Adapter Engine Extended for their technical and business process get involved in this SAP module. In addition, SAP Language Services is setting up a team to implement the mechanisms of process orchestration applications. Professionals with a background in Java development and SAP BPO or SAP PM have a great scope of availing better jobs with a certification in SAP PO.

The course gives an opportunity to develop multiple SAP multiple applications on one platform. This makes it possible for aspirants to enable themselves with the various processes and advanced applications of SAP Net Weaver Developer Studio, which in itself is a renowned platform of SAP.

Become a certified SAP PO Consultant

SAP Certified Development Associate is a certification test for candidates with an overall understanding of the integration processes of SAP Net Weaver (along with having the capability of deploying these business processes in their work environments).

The Associate Certification conducts an examination of 180 minutes with 80 questions in total. The questions are in the multiple choice type questions format, with the cut-off score for the same being 69. The exam is conducted in two languages, German and English.

Basic Qualifications for the SAP PO Course

The eligibility required for this certification is a degree in engineering science or commerce stream, from an esteemed University or Board certified by the Government. Sound knowledge of Java is a must and the candidate must be familiar with all the SAP processes involved with the same.