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SAP PE (Product Enhancement)

Definition or Meaning - What is SAP PE?

Full form or SAP PE stands for (Product Enhancement), with a raging evolution in technology, SAP users are looking for more robust and scale-able enhancements in systems and their applications. As more competitive elements are making their presence felt in diverse industry verticals, companies are initiating the implementation of new and more improvised in-built technological inputs to make their processes more efficient, and with a lesser probability of errors. These enhanced products are being used by organizations for fulfilling their immediate needs and coping with the dynamic changes in the environment.

SAP (PE) is all about appending new attributes and set types to the product master and related business transactions. In the enhancement concept of SAP, one can use the Easy Enhancement Workbench (EEW) for better and long lasting results. SAP consultants and experts are further enhancing the features of SAP Net Weaver system and upgrading user interfaces via better and easier accessibility options. Additionally, the Application Enhancement tool is being used for searching advancements and even for deleting, creating or customizing product enhancements.

SAP Product Enhancement Course

Providing a smart collaboration of existing software applications and new modifications in technology, popular SAP Product Enhancement (PE) courses are enabling aspirants to get enhanced solutions for handling any kind of SAP-related trouble. The courses available for this field are related to the Online Knowledge Product SAP Net Weaver Enhancement Package and can be attained through simple E-learning processes.

The course describes the SAP Net Weaver Product Enhancement Package and Plans for the implementation of product enhancement tools.

The contents covered in this course include:

  • A brief knowledge of the information life cycle management that covers basic fundamentals and ILM Cornerstones and thus, the configuration of ILM.
  • Advanced information for Web Dynpro for ABAP.
  • Integration process of Adobe Flash Island.
  • Expertise in SAP Enhancement packages for SAP Net Weaver and EHP Installer.
  • Installation of SAP Enhancement Packages.
  • Functionalities of the SAP PE in detail.

Scope and Opportunity of a Career in SAP PE

Helping professionals’ plug the gaps present in inventory reconciliation, this course uses simple intuitive user interfaces for determining asset value, ensuring accurate cycle counts, imparting accurate inventory traceability, and so forth. The task of SAP Competency centers is to deliver new innovations and advancements in technology, as per the budget, priority, rules of environment and changing trends of an organization.

Operational solutions are important for matching with the challenges and enterprise requirements of current times. In order to ensure the stability of business processes, it becomes essential to incorporate the skills of experienced Associates in the field of Product enhancements. These professionals are now looking forward to a great future in SAP based companies and are being readily employed with high salaries at dignified positions. Those with expertise in the Product Specialist field can also look forward to a career in SAP Product Enhancements.

Become SAP PE Certified Professional

Though there is no formal certification for this course offered by SAP, the same can be launched in future if required. As of now, candidates are invited for furthering their knowledge in PE by getting introduced to the contents of this course that enables them to use the different SAP fundamentals and strategies for product enhancements.

Basic Qualifications Required for the Course

The candidates aspiring for this course must be well informed of the technology and tools associated with the basic SAP Net Weaver Package and should ideally possess at least two years of hands-on experience in this field. An insight into the SAP online knowledge product SAP Net Weaver is also a must.