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SAP System under Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS)

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SAP System under Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS)

This note contains a collection of the most frequently asked questions and problems during the installation and the operation of an SAP System under Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS).

1. Message: The system has not been installed correctly.
Affected releases: 4.0B and higher
Related notes: 144978
After an installation on a cluster, a message with this text is issued each time you attempt to log on.
Maintain table INSTVERS with transaction SE16. INSTVERS must either contain the virtual database host name (such as MSSQL7) or an entry with status 0 for every possible physical database host (such as ORACLE). That means that for a two-node cluster, INSTVERS must have two entries that contain the respective physical host names. The syntax of these names (upper/lowercase) must correspond to way it is written in the SPAGUI menu System -> Status... -> Database data -> Host.
As of Release 4.5A, there is a separate R3SETUP function for adjusting INSTVERS: Choose "Completing cluster installation (Instvers)" from the start menu and answer the questions. For Oracle clusters, the step must be executed twice: Once with Oracle and SAP on node A, and once with Oracle and SAP on node B.

2. SAPDBA in an MS cluster environment
Affected releases: 3.1I and higher
Related notes: 114287
Database: ORACLE
Note 114287 describes in detail how SAPDBA can be used in an MS cluster environment.

3. Additional profile parameters
Affected releases: 3.1I and higher
Related notes:
To operate the SAP system in an MSCS cluster environment, the following additional profile parameters are required. These are set partly during the installation by R3Setup or SAPinst.
Default profile:
gw/netstat_once = 0
rsdb/reco_trials = 3 (only ORACLE)
rsdb/reco_sosw_for_db = OFF (only ORACLE)
rsdb/reco_sleep_time = 5 (only ORACLE)


  • 23 Feb 2009 6:27 am
    Installation of SAP with db2 UDB 9.1 FP5 on windows 2003 server.
    I am facing this problme when i am installing the sap ecc6.0 on db2 with windows 2003.

    DB21534E An error occurred during addition of MSCS node to the DB2 instance, rc
    = "DBI1918".


  • 27 Apr 2009 6:48 am
    Installing Netweaver 2004s(Enter prise protal) on MSCS finished successfully. But Only one Java engine is wokring at atime another node jcontrol.exe is stopped. Can Any body share the solution for this.


  • 23 Jun 2009 6:53 am

    We have a SAP setup in MS cluster. 2 node active-passice MS cluster. Oracle 10 database.
    Backup application- NetBackup 6.5.3
    Online and redo log backup working fine.
    The offline fails. It will bring the database online when the backup start, failing the backup.
    How do I stop the database from going online during the offline backup?
    And friends if any one can give me any valid reason for a offline backup when you have a online and redo on place.


  • 14 Jul 2009 7:24 am

    How to take the kernel(exe) backup for MSCS (NetWeaver 2004s(EP))

  • 30 Jul 2009 10:25 am
    You can run different SAP systems on MSCS in different virtual groups. I am running 4 Prod systems, by soft linking the SAPMNT etc.


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