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SR Technologies

SR Technologies, Hyderabad

Plot No:101, 1st Fllor, Santhi Nilaya Apartments, Behind Maitri Vanam, Gayatri Nagar, Ameerpet, Hyderabad Hyderabad
Andhra Pradesh India(IN)500016

: (91)- 8106994499
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  SR Technologies provides the ideal platform to meet the demands of the constantly evolving IT market. IT products are used by over 12 million people in more than 120 countries. Our training ensures IT professionals, business users and decision makers have the knowledge they need to drive an enterprise effectively. Established in 1999, SR Technologies is one of the SAP Authorized Training Centre in India.
  Benefits of training in SR Technologies

  • Acquire the skills and knowledge needed to tackle the most challenging projects
  • Wider spectrum of opportunity in the global market
  • Competitive edge to meet the strategic goals of your organization
  • Gain international recognition and instill client confidence
  • Our instructors are practicing it consultants having in-depth product knowledge, project
    implementation experience and proficient course delivery skills

    Course Details


    SAP Log in

  • Options in SAP screen
  • SAP System Landscape
  • Transport Management
  • IMG.
  • Organization Structure

  • Company
  • Company Codes
  • Business Areas
  • Segments
  • General Ledger (using New G/L Concepts)

  • Fiscal year Variant
  • Open &Closed Posting periods
  • Field Status Variant
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Account Groups
  • Retained Earnings Account
  • Document Types
  • Number Ranges
  • Posting keys
  • General Postings
  • Parking a Document
  • Holding a Document
  • Reversal Documents
  • Reference Documents
  • Recurring Documents
  • Reports.
  • Foreign Currency Translation

  • Exchange rate types
  • Translation Ratios for currencies
  • Exchange Rates
  • Foreign Currency valuation
  • Accounts payable

  • Creation of Vendor Account Groups
  • Number ranges for Vendor Groups
  • Assign No ranges to Vendor Groups
  • Tolerance Groups
  • Payment Terms
  • Creation of Reconciliation accounts
  • Creation Vendor Master data
  • Purchase Invoices posting
  • Outgoing payments
  • Down payments processing
  • House Bank

  • Creation House Bank
  • Creation of Check lots
  • Manual check updating
  • Display of Check updating
  • Display of Check register
  • Check Encashment
  • Check Cancellation
  • Automatic Payment Program (APP)

  • Setup All Company code
  • Setup Paying Company codes
  • Payment methods for Country
  • Payment methods for company codes
  • Bank Determination
  • House Bank
  • Executing Automatic Payment program.
  • Bank Reconciliation (BRS/EBS)

  • Define Posting Keys
  • Posting Rules
  • Create Business transactions
  • Define Variant
  • Process manual bank statement
  • Process Electronic bank statement
  • Cash Journal

  • Setup Cash journal
  • Create GL accounts for cash Journal
  • Create Number ranges
  • Create Business Transactions
  • Posting Transactions
  • Accounts Receivable

  • Creation of Customer Account Groups
  • Number ranges for Customer Groups
  • Assign No. ranges to Customer Groups
  • Tolerance Groups
  • Payment Terms
  • Creation Reconciliations accounts
  • Creating Customer master data
  • Sales Invoices posting
  • Outgoing payments
  • Down payments processing
  • Configure and Execute dunning
  • Reports
  • Dunning

  • Dunning Area
  • Dunning Procedure
  • Dunning levels
  • Minimum Amount
  • Dunning Run
  • Input/output Tax codes

  • Calculation procedure
  • Tax codes for sales and purchase tax
  • Tax Accounts Creation
  • Tax postings
  • Tax Reports
  • Fixed Assets Accounting

  • Chart of Depreciation
  • Depreciation Areas
  • Asset Class
  • Account determination
  • Asset Master Data
  • Automatic Depreciation Run
  • Different depreciation methods
  • Depreciation keys
  • Transactions in Fixed Assets Accounting
  • Fixed Assets Reports
  • Controlling
    General Controlling

  • Controlling Area Definition
  • Version maintenances
  • Number Ranges
  • Activate Components
  • Cost Center Accounting

  • Definition of Cost Center
  • Planning and Actual Postings
  • Definition of Activity Types
  • Statistical Figures
  • Distribution and Assessment
  • Information Systems
  • Internal Orders

  • Master data and structures
  • Order types
  • Real and statistical orders
  • Actual posting
  • Budgeting and availability control
  • Reports
  • Profit Center Accounting

  • Basic Settings
  • Master Data
  • Assignments to profit Centers
  • Plan and Actual Postings
  • Information Systems
  • Product Costing (CO-PC)

  • Product Cost Planning
  • Costing Variant
  • Cost Component Structure
  • Costing Sheet
  • BOM
  • Routing
  • Work Center
  • Mask and Release
  • Cost Object Controlling
  • Production Order
  • Work in Process Calculation
  • Variance Calculation
  • Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)

  • Structures
  • Master Data
  • Planning
  • Flow of Actual Values
  • Activate Profitability Analysis
  • Information Systems
  • Reports

  • Financial Statement Versions
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss Account
  • Trial Balance Report
  • Vendor Reports
  • Customer Reports
  • Asset Reports
  • Integration

  • FI Integration
  • FI Integration with MM
  • FI Integration with SD
  • Process flow of Procurement
  • Process flow of Sales
  • Real time Environment

  • Types of SAP Projects
  • ASAP Methodology
  • Phases of the Project
  • Consultant Role in each phase
  • Documents preparation
  • Data uploads using LSMW tool
  • Preparation  for Interview
  • Real time tips and tricks.

    Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details


    Introduction to ERP and SAP
    Overview on various modules in SAP and SAP HCM
    SAP Architecture
    Focus on various kinds of SAP Projects
    Various terms in SAP Projects and fitment

    Structures in SAP HCM
    Enterprise Structure
    Personnel Structure
    Organizational Structure

    Personnel Administration
    Info types and Data tables
    Functions to maintain HR Master data
    Time Constraints
    Personnel Number Ranges
    Configuration of Personnel Actions using info group. User group and functionality of user parameters
    Linotype Menus
    Additional Actions and Dynamic Actions
    Screen Modifications
    Customer Specific info types
    Overview of Concurrent Employment and Global
    Employment process

    Integration and other modules
    Maintenance of Applicant Data and Applicant Number Ranges
    Recruitment related info types
    Setting up of features relating to Recruitment
    Configuration of Applicant Structure
    Applicant Status and Process flow
    Advertising media and instruments
    Transfer of Applicant Data to Personnel Administration
    Execution of Simulated Scenario
    Overview of Recruitment

    Organizational Management
    Integration with other modules n process flow
    Plan Version
    Objects in O.M.
    Relationships. Evaluation Path and Object
    O.M.related info types and Tables
    Organization and Staffing
    Expert Mode or Info types Maintenance
    Simple Maintenance
    Reporting Structure
    RHINTE Reports

    Time Management
    Integration with other modules
    Important info types in Time Management
    Concepts of Positive and Negative time Recording
    Time Management Status and important Time Management related features
    Setting Up Holiday calendar and concept of Factory calendar.
    Configuration of work Schedules-Break, Kali, Period. Work schedule Rule
    Day Types and Rules
    Absence/Attendances and Concept of Factory Calendar
    Configuration of counting Rules, Rounding Rules Deduction Rules, base Entitlement Rules and Selection Rules
    Generation of Quotas through RPTQTAOO and Time Evaluation
    Time Data Recording
    Time Evaluation Process, Schemas, Rules, Functions and Operations
    Clusters B1 and B2 and lateral Tables relating to Time management
    Time Management pool

    Cross Application Time Sheets: Payroll
    Introduction to payroll and Integration with other modules
    Setting Up of Payroll Areas and Control Records and Understanding of Control Recording Status
    Payroll Organization concepts and Configuration
    Payroll status info type and Concept of Retroactive Accounting
    Pay Scale structure configuration
    PCR and CAP Groupings
    Wage Types Configuration, Grouping and Characteristics
    Processing Classes, Accumulations and Evaluation Classes
    Absence Valuation
    Wage Type Valuation
    Payroll Process flow and Payroll Processing
    Clusters and Intimae Tables

    Payroll – India
    Indian payroll related Intones
    India payroll Derisive and Schema
    India payroll specific processing classes, cumulating classes
    Professional Tax
    Car and conveyance
    Provident Fund and ESI
    Nominations and Exemptions
    Indian Payroll spastic Reports and technical wage Types relating to India Payroll

    US Payroll related info types
    US Payroll Driver and Schema
    US Payroll Specific Processing Classes and Cumulating classes
    Residence Tax Area, work tax Area Setup
    Configuration of Tax Modifiers and Tax Combos
    Overview of BSI
    Tax Reporter and Forms
    Important Technical wage Types Relating to US Payroll
    Payroll Reports

    Integration with other Modules
    Objects and Relationships in Training
    Concept of Business Event Catalogue and setting up of Business Event Groups, types and Events
    Resuming Activities
    Day to day Activities – Precooking Booking Cancel, Rebook and Replace

    Personnel Development
    Integration with other modules
    Objects and Relationships
    Appraisal Process
    Setting up of Qualification Catalogue with Qualification Groups and Types
    Profit Mulch Up Tool

    Integration with other modules
    Benefits related info types
    Demerit Area, Criteria or parameter Group, Pan Status and Plan types
    Features in Benefits
    Configuration of Demerit Plans
    Integration of Benefits with Payroll

    Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details


    END to END ECC 6.0 R/3 HCM Configuration & EP – HCM integrations ABAP &

    Workflow integrations  and Basis roles in implementation)

    ECC 6.0 version:
    Business Blue Print Preparation
    Client interactions
    OSS SAP Note creation & SAP Service Market interaction
    SAP Patch Level Updation
    SAP HCM roles and responsibilities for implementation
    Live Scenarios explanation for interviews

    E-Recruiting Duration – 38 hrs
    E-Recruiting Data Model & Configuration Process
    E- Recruiting Objects and relationships
    E-Rec Overview &  Integrations
    E-Recruiting Technical settings
    SAP BP & CP – linkage Workflow
    Search Engine TREX
    Periodic Services SAP WAS
    Reporting SAP ERP CP (ECC Integration)
    Basic Settings Recruitment
    Applicant Tracking
    Requisition Management
    Successtion Planning Tools
    User interfaces URLS and BSP’s – Services
    Roles and authorizations.

    ESS/MSS: Duration – 30 hrs

    EP-HR Config  – Mss Home Page Services
    Self Service Setting ESS User ID creation
    Employee /search Personnel Information
    Working Time Payments and Benefits
    Job and career Travel Management
    Corporate information
    ESS Workflows & Transaction codes

    EP-HR Config  - Mss Home Page Services
    Self Service Settings My  Budget
    My Staff Overview Attedence
    Employee Review PCR Recruitment
    ESS in MSs Reporting
    Compensation Mss Workflows


    LSO : Duration – 30 hrs
    Overview of LSO
    Training Management & Info types
    ALE Business Process in TM
    Room  Reservation Management
    Roles in LSO Course Planning
    Creation of Course Content
    Course Participation Administration
    Course Participation administration via Learning Portal
    Course processing via classroom training
    Course processing via Web based Training
    Course Recourse Management for Classroom training
    Installation process – LSO
    SAP OSS Notes’s

    Enterprise Compensation Management – Course Content – Duration – 40 hrs
    Activating ECM Global Settings
    Budgeting Compensation Administration
    Long Term Incentives
    Compensation Statements
    Job Pricing diff between ECM & CM
    Roles and authorization ECM Integration

    Employee interaction Center: Courses content – Duration – 30 hrs
    System Landscape EIC Integrations
    Functions of EIC
    Employee Search and employee Identification
    Self Service Request – EIC request
    Agent inbox Activity and Additional Functions
    Roles and authorizations

    HR Administrative Services (HCM Processes & Forms) Course Content – duration – 30 hrs
    HCM Processes and Forms
    Technical Over view Process Objects
    ISR Scenario Business Workflow
    Start Application and Form Application
    UWL Authorizations
    Sample Processes in HCM Processes and Forms
    XI Content for HCM processes & Error handling.
    Business Package for HR Administrator
    Portal roles for HR Admin

    Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No

    Course Details


    What is ERP
    Relation between SAP and ERP
    SAP products & its versions

    SAP Net Weaver & ABAP Enginge Architecture
    What is SAP Net weaver
    Architecture of application server ABAP
    Navigation in Sap
    Processing of GUI / HTTP request in ABAP / ICM

    Starting and Stopping SAP Systems
    Process flow for startup and shutdown of ABAP/ICM
    Analyzing logos for ABAP

    System Configuration
    How system evaluates its parameters in ABAP
    How to set system parameters in ABAP
    Operation models in ABAP

    Installation of SAP
    Implementation Phases
    Post Installation
    System copy using export &
    Import method
    Dialogue instances installation
    Installation of SAP GUI

    Client Administration
    Client concept & change option
    Local client copy
    Remote Client copy
    Export / Import
    Client Deletion
    Client copy profiles

    User administration in ABAP / Security
    Authentication & Authorization
    User master record
    Types of users
    User Administration
    Authorization object & Authorization
    About roles & profiles
    Mass user administration
    Managing user group
    Missing authorization
    Security related parameters
    About SUIM

    Printing in SAP
    Types of printing
    Creating output devices
    Logical spool servers
    Temse Objects

    Background Jobs
    Fundamentals of Background processing
    Time bases scheduling of Jobs
    Event-bases Scheduling of Jobs

    Why TMS
    3 System landscape / 2 & 4 landscape
    Trans Directory
    TMS Configuration
    Control flows in TMS
    About Tp an R3trans
    Export and Import of Transport request
    QA approval Procedure

    Applying corrections through SNOTE in ABAP
    Applying support packages through SPAM
    Kernel Upgrade
    Applying Add ons through SAINT in ABAP

    Daily Monitoring
    CCMS architecture & monitoring
    System Logs
    ABAP dumps analysis
    Update & Lock monitoring
    Background jobs monitorin
    Work process monitoring
    Users Monitoring

    Performance Monitoring & Tuning
    SAP Memory Management
    Workload Analysis
    Hardware capacity Verification / SAPOSCOL

    Miscellaneous Topics
    Overview on Service Market Place
    Overview on SDN
    SAP Router
    RFCs and Trusted RFCs
    SLD Configuration
    Troubleshooting approach

    Overview on Advanced Topics
    Solution Manager
    Load Balancing
    Emergency User activation – sap*
    CUA, SoD / SoX & GRC
    SCOT{Mails Setup)
    System copies / refreshes

    Oracle Database Administration
    Database Overview
    Database Architecture
    Connecting to Database
    Database administration tools
    Administration of Oracle instance

    Backup, Restore & recovery
    Important of Backups
    Backup cycle
    Backup types
    Backup of archeive log
    Restore and recovery

    Storage management
    Table space administration
    Reorganization of Tables
    Housekeeping and Troubleshooting

    Database Monitoring / Checks
    Database System Checks
    CCMS alerts monitor
    DBA cockpit

    Other Information

    Course Fee: Not Mentioned

    Course Duration: Not Mentioned

    Placement Provided: No


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