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SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) Interview Questions


In SAP SRM, what is the use of workflows?

Workflows are used for performing easy approvals of PO’s allows organization to perform goods requisition in an easy and simple manner

In SAP SRM, how do you perform a search for Contracts?

For performing contract search the user can use TREX search engine. This search engine is provided with SAP SRM however the user has to install it and run program for creating indexing for all the available contracts. User also has to run program BBP_TREX_INDEX_ADMIN which creates a new indexes for existing documents and also enables you to perform indexing for all new or changed documents once a contract is saved.

How to transfer Vendor Master?

Use transaction code BBPGETVD in order to update Vendor Master Record.

What is the purpose of Organization structure in SAP SRM?

For setting up the attributes which define the users` shopping experience. Examples of such attributes are plant and cost centres, company code, which the user can order against, etc.

How is SAP SRM is Linked with SAP MM ?

The user can replicate Purch Org,purch group, material master, vendor master from the backend. User can also create PO in SRM and replicate Po in the R/3. All the procurement done in SRM related to MM only.

What are the various things that SRM Handles?

SRM manages, operational contracts, analytics, strategic sourcing, catalog content, supplier collaboration, service purchasing, self-service procurement, strategic sourcing, and plan-driven procurement.

What Is Supply Management In SRM ?

Supply management manages with the oversight and management of materials and services inputs, management of the suppliers, and provides all the important inputs. The performance of supply management departments and professionals is measured in terms of amount of money which has been saved for the organization. However, managing risk is one of the key aspects of supply management; especially the risk of non-availability of quality goods and services which is extremely critical for an organization’s survival and growth.

How to update Update Vendor Master Record?

Use transactoin code BBPUPDVD in order to update Vendor Master Record.