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Terminate CHECK DATA

Updated May 19, 2018

How Can a User Terminate a CHECK DATA?

When the CHECK DATA has been triggered by a user task (Coordinator), this, in turn, activates a corresponding number of server tasks which perform the CHECK DATA. For terminating the CHECK DATA, the use should end the Coordinator. If the user schedules the CHECK DATA using WebAs, then verify which work process the CHECK DATA performs out under "Job Details" in transaction SM37. By utilizing the application PID of the work process, user can then figure out the database task (coordinator) which was instructed for carrying out the CHECK DATA and terminate it by utilizing the Task Manager in the Database Assistant (transaction DB50).

If the CHECK DATA is active on large objects, then it would be important to terminate the server tasks which are busy with the CHECK DATA.

SAP MaxDB Version 7.5:

In the Version 7.5 (as described above), it is a tough task to find out which server tasks are busy with a CHECK DATA. The user should ensure that no other actions are active in the system for avoid inadvertently terminating a CREATE INDEX, for instance, before the user has terminated the server tasks, or allowed SAP Support to do this.

SAP MaxDB Version 7.6:

As of Version 7.6, the user can easily identify the server tasks by the name (CHKDATA), and also end them if required.

SAP MaxDB Version 7.7:

Caution: As of Version, a CHECK DATA WITH UPDATE (that is, in the operational state ADMIN) causes data which is still required to be deleted if the user selects "Cancel" for stopping one of the server tasks involved. If only the coordinator tasks or the CHECK DATA are terminated in the operational state ADMIN with the DB command db_stop, these problems will not take place. (PTS 1189360).

The corrections should be available as of the following database versions:

  • 7.7.04 Build 37 (PTS 1189365)
  • 7.7.06 Build 16 (PTS 1189367)
  • 7.7.07 Build 07 (PTS 1189368)
  • 7.7.08 Build 00 (PTS 1189358)
  • 7.8.00 Build 18 (PTS 1189361)
  • 7.8.01 Build 04 (PTS 1189363)
  • 7.9.00 Build 06 (PTS 1189362)
  • 7.9.01 Build 03 (PTS 1189364)
  • 7.9.02 Build 01 (PTS 1189359)