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SAP TDMS (Test Data Migration Server )

Definition or Meaning - What is SAP TDMS?

Full form or SAP TDMS stands for (Test Data Migration Server), with the emerging online techniques business is booming at a very high platform and so are the needs to run the business. SAP, as the name implies, is a system that provides users with a business application to manage data more accurately. SAP (TDMS) enables to create stable and flexible non-production system wherein data is extracted from SAP production phase to utilize it in the test environment for development, training and maintaining quality. The TDMS tool is very quick and extracts data from a production to a non-production environment with high speed and efficiency.

SAP Test Data Migration Server

SAP TDMS (Test Data Migration Server) Features

  • Data Transfer Criteria
  • Data Privacy
  • Data Consistency
  • System Shell Creation
  • Time-based reduction
  • Object-based reduction

How SAP TDMS restrict data to be migrated?

  • The data can be restricted to master data and customizing settings - ideal for setting up training systems as it reflects your own requirements
  • Data can be restricted to a specific organizational structure, such as company code, resulting in a very trim development environment.
  • Data can be restricted to a specific time frame. You specify the start date; the end date is always the current date. This ensures that processes transferred to the nonproduction system within the chosen time frame are complete and can be fully processed.

SAP TDMS (Test Data Migration Server) Challenges

Today there are various challenges which a customer is encountered with while deploying SAP. Corporations are in great pressure to cut cost, minimize risk and control change by accelerating and increasing the availability of their SAP landscape due to increased production and managing storage space.

  • Changing market conditions, restructuring activities, and mergers and acquisitions often result in the creation of new SAP Landscapes.
  • Complex authorization concept should be implemented as in test system data is very sensitive.
  • Mechanism should be adapted to the object does not loose their history when transferred from production.
  • Objects are not transported to development system for testing and corrections.
  • Complex authorization concept is not followed as we deal with sensitive data in test system.

Benefits Using SAP TDMS (Test Data Migration Server)

  • Increased work quality with reduced total cost.
  • Helps corporation to create and refresh a quick non-productive system.
  • Reduces the disk space decreasing the data volume in test, training system and development.
  • Replicate production environment by making use of real business data.
  • Scramble sensitive data according to your needs.
  • Using SAP TDMS (Test Data Migration Server) you can improve your quality by using relevant and updated test data
  • Testing expenses can be reduced by outsourcing activities to low cost companies.
  • Efficiency can be increased by reducing administrative efforts and time required to manage data in test.