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Updated Jun 21, 2018

SAP TDMS Issues, General Problems, Error Tracing, Solution

Issue - 1

Errors in a TDMS execution due to missing log entries


By following the instructions listed below the user will be able to correct the issue for current package:

1. In the receiver system of TDMS system landscape, user Executes the transaction SE38
2. User creates a new Z Report.
3. Copy/paste the code found in a text file 'ZCORRECT_CUSTOMIZING_LOG.txt' .
4. User Execute the code. 
5. Post successfully executing the above-listed Z-report, user re-execute aborted activity.
6. User should contact SAP, incase the execution of Z-report fails.

Issue - 2

The call of activities results in authorization problems.


The critical role profiles have not been assigned to the users. The user should at first create the CPIC users to be entered there in the corresponding systems, before maintaining the RFC connections for a package. Additionally, the user should create the CPIC users as communication users (as listed below) and assigned the SAP_TDMS_USER role to them. User is required to generate a profile for the role.

The dialog user in the PCL system (central system) should have at least have the profile SAP_TDMS_PROJECT_LEAD_USER for the creation of packages, projects and subprojects.


Issue - 3

When you call the 'PC001_RFC_MANAGEMENT' activity, you receive message CNV_MBT 513.


User has to make sure that the RFC users are created as communication users and not as the system users. System users can only execute RFCs within a system, which is not adequate for TDMS.

Issue - 4

Post data transfer, the following message takes place in the target system:

Client-specific environment for operating concern &1 must be activated (KE/AD 853)


User should proceed as explained in the long text of the message.

Issue - 5

Post data transfer, errors like update terminations or short dumps take place in the receiver system, for instance, when the user creates or modifies the SD documents, material documents or other documents. In this scenario, user should verify whether he must regenerate the LIS and COPA structures and programs. particularly this may so happen incase the receiver system did not originate from a direct system copy the sender system prior to the data transfer.

COPA Solution:

  • Use the Transaction KEDR for verifying the status of the result area and the derivation rules.
  • Use Transaction KEA0 for maintaining and activating the result area where required.

LIS Solution:

  • Proceed according to SAP Document 99507.

Issue - 6

During the process of data transfer, some activities may terminate in error with the following message:

Run terminated due to data inconsistency

Solution 1:

One of the core reasons for this problem may be that the user is running a refresh package which was created post installing a new SP (Service Pack). For instance, user would have created an initial package 90004 with SP4, then he may have installed SP5 and created a refresh package of 90004. With every new service pack there would be a new functionality added and there will be customizing changes. These changes do not impact a refresh package which may lead to inconsistencies during the data transfer. So post installing a service pack, user must make sure that he creates a new package.

Solution 2:

This problem takes place for a structured conversion object. it may be due to incomplete definition of foreign key relationships or it because the header table comprises of few key fields which are not present in child tables. For solving the problem follow the below-mentioned steps:-

  • Maintaining the foreign key relationship for the required conversion object via the maintenance view. This view is available from transaction CNVMBTTREE
  • User should go through SAP Document 931288 on steps of regenerating the conversion object and retransfer the same

Issue - 7

Start of Data transfer activity does not trigger any background jobs


Verify the process tree menu Process settings->settings for data transfer. Incase the user sees that the number of jobs shows zero for any of the systems, the OS collector may not be functioning. Particularly system user goes to transaction ST06 and initiates the OS collector. Restarts the data transfer activity.

Issue - 8

User information is missing in receiver system after data transfer.


One of the reasons for this may be that the TDMS package was not completed. There is an activity known as TD07P_AFTER_ADDRESS in the TDMS process tree (in Post processing phase) which is responsible for re-assigning the users in receiver system post the transfer has been completed. User must ensure that this activity is run successfully for correcting the error.

Issue - 9

The activities which constitute a part of the main activity "Fill header tables all in one" in the Data Transfer phase displays the status "Green" even when the access plan calculation for the header tables is showing as still in progress.


User must utilize the Procedure Monitor for checking if the access plans for these header tables have been calculated already or in progress. Please note that these activities do not appear in the process tree however only in the procedure monitor. Therefore it is suggested to use the procedure monitor for deriving the status of all the activities in the phase TDBAS_PHASE_DATA_TRANSFER (Data Transfer).

This indicates, clearly incase the activities have been completed successfully or not.