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Difference between Master Data and Transaction Data

Updated Jul 04, 2018

Master Data vs Transactional Data

What is the difference between Master data and Transaction data?


Master Data:

Master data is the type of data without which any transaction cannot be implemented and therefore it is mandatory for every organization

Master data gives detailed information about the things that interact when a transaction occurs. 

Master data is data that remains unchanged over a period of time. It contains information that is always needed in the same way. For example, all personal attributes can be stored in various SAP standard info types as records with specific validity which are called Master data.

Example of Master Data: Name, Address 

Transaction data:

Transaction data are business documents which are created using master data ie. sales orders.

Data relating to the day-to-day transactions.

Transactional Data is not constant and can be changed quite often.

Example of Transaction data: production details, daily transactions etc.