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SAP MDM (Master Data Management) Certification Fee and Course Duration in India

Updated May 18, 2018

SAP Master Data Management Courses

SAP Master Data Management courses cover the following topics and impart knowledge with regards to:

  • Integration of data from various sources to a centralized portal of request, leading to the controlled compilation of all relevant data of an organization.
  • Building of easy to use web interfaces by all users of a company, specifically for entry in the master data.
  • Alignment with all ongoing business processes in a firm, and ways of producing approval points for access and customization of organization based data.
  • Visualization of data from a single point, as per the requests of diverse users.
  • Easy ways of carrying out activities of mater data updates and processing of operations.
  • Integration with other SAP systems and ways of providing better conformity for successful master data operations.

This enabling model and courses relevant for SAP focused business enterprises and their management provides true statements for all customers, vendors, employees, suppliers and the higher authorities of any organization. This makes these courses all the more important for candidates looking for more lucrative job profiles in the industry.

Scope and Opportunity of SAP Master Data Management Course

SAPP MDM follows a single entry fundamental for updating any kind of data in the master data. All data requests can be made through a single point that pipelines to the central repository system of the architecture. A SAP MDM consultant or manager is responsible for managing the workflow and identifying who will create the records, and/ or customize the same according to organizational needs. The scope of a SAP MDM certified expert’s profile encompasses the prevention of negative data in company records, creation of error free reports, and presentation of reports that are in line with ideal solutions.

Become a Certified SAP Master Data Management Consultant

One can become SAP MDM certified by acknowledging the basics of Master data management in an efficient manner. There is no specific certification exam for getting the consultant’s profile in the field. Knowledge in its respective course is sufficient enough. Till now, the certification has not been introduced by SAP authorities.

Basic Qualifications Required for the Course

The course requires a basic graduation degree from any recognized university and a sound knowledge of master data and its application tools held at the centralized repository.