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WEB DYNPRO Interview Questions

Web Dynpro ABAP FAQ

1) Can we create Transaction code for Web dynpro ABAP Application?

Yes, we can create a Transaction code for web Dynpro application.

Please follow steps below:

  • Go to SE93
  • Create Tcode
  • Choose the last option and maintain values

2) Can you please explain what is service call in Web Dynpro ABAP ? What is it used for?

Service call is Wizard based tool which is used to call any existing function module or methods of an existing class within a Web Dynpro component. Service call help us to automatically create context nodes and a web dynpro method as per as the Function Module/Class method parameters.

3) What is the differnce between component controller and interface controller

  • Component controller is a global controller, when we declare data in component controller than that data can be accessed by all views and window inside that component
  • Interface controller is type of controller which is responsible for communicating with external web dynpro components.

4) What is the difference between node & attribute in Web Dynpro ABAP?

Node is a collection of attributes whereas Attributes are the variables which is used to store single value at a time.

5) How many types of cardinality are are a in web dynpro ABAP?

There are two types of cardinality in web dynpro ABAP.

  1. Collection cardinality
  2. Selection cardinality

6) What is the importance of interface controller in Web Dynpro ABAP?

Interface controller is type of controller which is responsible for communicating with external web dynpro components.

7) What is context mapping ?

Context mapping is a mapping of different controller's context

8) What is the purpose of interface view property?

Ans) Interface view is created whenever the window is created. It is useful because it creates the different Applications for Component

9) What is the job of a view container?

View Container is used to exihbit a web dynpro view within wdp view

10) What are Hook methods?

Hook methods are standard web dynpro methods which are called at different scenarios in the web dynpro lifecycle

11) What is view assembly ?

View assembly is a set of views which are visible on windows at a particular time

12) Do we have the option to use Web Dynpro ABAP on BASIS upgrade 6.40 which contains development objects of Web Dynpro ABAP?

For upgrade 6.40 the Web Dynpro ABAP is not available. see 751611 for more info.

13) For which upgrade the Web Dynpro ABAP is available?

The Web Dynpro ABAP is available for NetWeaver 2004 upgrade 7.00.

14) While clicking to create a roundtrip to the server when quickly clicking several times in succession, the system creates yet another request, which generates a short dump. Whereas while clicking slowly or once, no short dump occurs.

The system activates a click protection before sending the page to the server. But it takes some milliseconds in order activate this protection and during this period the above mentioned problem may occur. There is no solution to this problem as the browser will take some time to activate the click protection. The click protection gets executed at the beginning of the submit handling on the client.

15) The Web Dynpro application suddenly stops working correctly while working with complex screens. Why this issue occurs?

This issue occurs because if the UI container elements are nested in Web Dynpro views (for example, six tabs within each other) it will result in very high nesting depth of HTML rendering tag. Because of a depth of approx 100, the browser stalls, as such deep hierarchies cannot be processed by it. Therefore to resolve this issue we must simplify the views by decreasing its nesting depth. There is no generic simplification provided by Web Dynpro.

16) After performing 986790 in order to solve shared memory problems, errors in JavaScript occur at the time of executing Web Dynpro applications.

5 Performing 986790 causes the problem mentioned above. Therefore please ignore the 986790.

17) Where can the list of limitations for Web Dynpro ABAP be found?

The list of currently applied list of limitations forWeb Dynpro ABAP can be found in 1098009.

18) Where can I find further information about Web Dynpro ABAP?

The following resources are available onSDN (SAP Developer Network):







19) How do you integrate wdp application into portal ?

20) What are the properties of a node?

21) Whats the job of supply function?

22) How to customise table UI Element?

23)what is dynamic programming?

24) What is the purpose of code wizard?

25) What is context binding ?

26) What is the job of component usage?

27) What is the use of custom controller ?

28) How to perform debugging in wdp ?

29) What are live cycle methods ?

30)Difference between collection cardinality and selection cardinality ?

31)What is purpose of wddomodify view method ?