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Webdynpro Java application: 500 internal server error

Updated May 19, 2018

Hello SAP Experts,

While clicking the dropdown (combo box) elements in a WebDynrpo Java application, a '500 internal server error' is thrown.

I have attached screenshots of the error:

The following log in the defaultTrace files shows a exception similar to the following:

500 Internal Server Error is returned for HTTP request [...]:
component [dispatcher],
web module [...],
application [...],
DC name [...],
CSN component[BC-WD-JAV],
problem categorization [],
internal categorization [-1671306692].


Caused by: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: 'aaabLEOANGCMKHAJ.DefineCriteriaView.SearchDefinitions.SearchableObjectType.ObjectTypeTitle'

The error can be re-generated by following:

  • First access any WebDynpro Java application, standalone or within the Enterprise Portal ex. http(s)://<host>:<port>/useradmin
  • Now click any dropdown element
  • An error '500 internal server error' is shown.


  • 05 May 2017 3:12 pm Abhijeet Mudgal Best Answer

    The above error occurred due to a problem during the deployment of AJAX-RUNTIME and WD-RUNTIME component.

    Therefore in order to resolve this issue please re-deploy the components AJAX-RUNTIME and WD-RUNTIME.

    Note: If the patches you applied are not available any more than please apply the latest patch along with its required dependencies.