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TOP 10 SAP BCM Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers


Que 1: How to find out which batching rule is being used?

Ans: It can be check using the report RBNK_RULID_EVALUATE. 

Que 2: What are key things to keep in mind while using Amounts along with Batching Rules?

Ans: One need to keep an eye over the plus/minus sign being exhibit just before the amount.

Que 3: What happens when report RBNK_RULID_EVALUATE returns a rule, but batch processing returns the error BNK_GENERAL016?

Ans: It refers an inconsistency in the rule tables.

Que 4: How to solve if any entry within transaction BNK_MONI is not displaying even after execution of transaction FBPM1?

Ans: One can solve it by using following transactions:

1. Apply transaction OBPM5 to check settings.
2. Apply transaction BNK_MONIP to check that merge has occurred or not.
3. Apply transaction OBPM4 to check whether selection variant is defined or not?
4. Apply transaction SLG1 and the object 'FBPM' to check the application log.
5. Apply transaction SM37 to check the jobs with the identifier PAY_BTC*.

Que 5: How to Create a Batch?

Ans: If problem listed in transaction SLG1 or SM37 has been corrected then one can create a batch by using following:

If a merge is already been happen then reset that applying program RBNK_MERGE_RESET and execute transaction FBPM1. If no merge has happened then you can execute the merge directly applying transaction FBPM1. This merge run will resets all batches that were created in the collector and will proceed to create single one.

Que 6: Explain the reason why Payment is not being available within Transaction BNK_MONIP after execution of Transaction FBPM1?

Ans: For this one need to check whether the recognition has been reversed for BCM within Transaction OBPM5 or not? After checking it one need to execute transaction OBPM4 to check that a selection variant is assigned to payment medium format or not?

Que 7: How to Check that the user enters the identification correctly during the payment run F110/F111 or not?

Que 8: What is the main difference in 'New' and 'In approval' tab pages in transaction BNK_MONI?

Ans: The tab page 'New' holds all batches that are in the first approval step (BNK_INI) and on the contrary the tab page 'In approval' holds all batches that are in a further approval step (BNK_COM).

Que 9: How to solve if a batch has already been approved once and cannot be reset. Meanwhile it is not available for approval by any processor?

Ans: One can do it by regulate the WI number for the batch using the module BNK_API_CHECK_WI and under transaction SWIA choose the work item. Select "Without Check" with Shift F5. Then you'll be able to reset the batch to the first approver and reset it applying RBNK_MERGE_RESET. 

Que 10: Where does rule determination take place?

Ans: In module BNK_API_RULID_EVALUATE called from RBNK_PAYM_SCHEDULE during determination of the sort fields for the collector. The rule is written to field REGUH-SRTF3.