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Integration of SAP Hybris Marketing with CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Updated May 18, 2018

SAP Hybris Marketing FAQ

Please do as following to know if your MW setting is correct =>

Start reports to check if the hybris <-> CRM integration adjustment is correct

on CRM Side: CRM_CUAN_INTEGRATION_CHECK (trx. crm_cuan_check).

on Hybris Marketing side: CUAN_CRM_INTEGRATION_CHECK (trx. cuan_crm_check)

Integration CRM and CEI: symptom: Error DBIF_RSQL_INVALID_RSQL / SAP Delivered Support


Kindly use transaction Call View Maintenance (SM30) to check whether the table CRMRFCPAR contains the following entries for One Order and Target Group:

  • User: CRM_APP
  • Object Name: *
  • Destination: System name of RFC destination to SAP CRM
  • Load Type: D
  • Queue Name
  • Queue Name
  • INFO
  • InQueue Flag: X
  • Send XML:
  • CRM Release: For example: 701
  • Logical system: The logical name of the HPA system

Note: if you have Mix connection Unicode System and non Unicode, then you should enter the value M by field Send XML, else you leave it empty.

Wrong value/content on CRM Side (either se16 Table CRMD_MKTTG_TG_H with TG_ORG ='09' or on CRM Web UI of TG) showed by the replicated CEC Target group:

reason: Wrong UNICODE adjusted

Solution: with trx. sm59 the target CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system should be set as Unicode.

Rebuild of ADT Target groups from CRM System does not determine target group members.

Reason1: Missing Customizing of RFC Destination of 'HPA CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT INTELLIGENCE' in CRM System.

in table SMOFPARSFA there is no entray for the RFC HPA system.

Solution: see sap doc 2030842

and addtionaly can be that the relevant R3AC6 Entries from central customizing system for the determinaton of the relevant RFC CEC System are not took in all test or productive systems.

P.s.: trx. R3ac6 entries is used mostly by RFC CRM API's for getting the member of CEC TG.

there is following RFC API's:

  • CUAN_GET_ACT_MEMB_TG_BP_IC: get members used for member type (02,03,04)
  • CUAN_GET_ACT_OBJECTS_TG_BP_IC: get only object information for member type 04
  • CUAN_GET_ACT_MEMB_COUNT_BP_IC: get only account of the member for member type (02,03,04)

Reason2: Missing fo CEC authorizations for RFC User

Solution: in CEC system assign the relevant authorizations by assign the customer copy of the PFCG role SAP_CEI_TG_INI to the RFC User (recommanden * of authorization Objects: HPA_OBJECT and HPA_MKT_AREA

Reason3: missing SLT Replication data (Delt/Full) from CRM -> CEI system of tables CRMD_MKTTG_TG_H and CRMD_MKTTG_TG_EA

solution: activate/refresh SLT Replication for both tables.

Member's of in CRM replicated target group is not updated:

in this case you have to check if the Implementation header with Member:

CUAN_REPL_TG_WITH_MEMBERS is active, if yes then rebuild can only be triggered at hybris Marketing system

Manually by going to the target group and press the button for snapshot. changing of the target group member (delta) will be then replicated into CRM system and stored in the CRM target group tables.

p.s.:This full replication is intended for special cases, e.g. when the hybris Marketing system is not always available.

All other Implementations (CUAN_REPL_TG_BP_IC, CUAN_REPL_TG) support dyn. rebuild by default from CRM side by Campaign execution. in this case only the header is replicated and members are read dyn. at campaign exectuion time from hybris Marketing system i.e.member will not stored on CRM Data Base.

Therefore we recommend to have the BAdI implementation CUAN_CRM_REPL_TG activ instead, which is deliverd as the active one.

Then the rebuild of the target group is also triggered from CRM by campaign execution time.

By Upgrade customer after deactivation of CUAN_REPL_TG_WITH_MEMBERS to lean repl CUAN_REPL_TG_BP_IC

  • After changing the active badis only new replication trigger are executed (for example target groups are set to released or a rebuild of dynamic target groups is triggered).
  • You should check in CEC (hMKT) system in table CRMOBJECT if the Entry for OBJNAM = CUAN_TG_MSG is active => Field INACTIVE should be empty
  • Check via SMQ1 the outbound queue that there are no entries for queue name R3AD_CUAN_TG_MSG.
  • In the assigned CRM System you can check via SMQ2 if the inbound queue is not active.
  • With the transaction SMW01 you can check for BDoc Type CUAN_TG_MSG how the validation was executed.
  • Check that the CRM table CRMD_MKTTG_MP_IC exist in your CRM replication schema. If it is not, then it’s to be added to the list of the to be replicated tables and the replication of this table is to be started in SLT

Remark: Start report (on CEC Side) CUAN_TG_TRIGGER_REPLICATION for the affected TG‘s => the already replicated TG will get Origin 09 (table CRMD_MKTTG_TG_H) (the old origin 02 will be overwritten) this indicate that the member should be fetched from CEC system by Campaign execution time the right member and number will got.

Contact With Objects - enable authorization for marketing area (HPA_MKT_AR):

  • You have configured user specific values for the authorization of marketing area (via auth. obj. HPA_MKT_AR, field MKTAREA_ID).
  • You use target groups of member type '04' (Contact with Objects).
  • The system fails to read target group relevant data with an SQL error and ST22 dump, and your business processes are interrupted.

Solution: see sap doc 2218684

Strong not recommanded:

Deactivation from lean CUAN_REPL_TG_BP_IC / CUAN_REPL_TG to full CUAN_REPL_TG_WITH_MEMBERS should be avoided.

Since in this case the old origin 09 will be overwritten to 02 this lead that the member are not be fetched from CEC system by Campaign execution anymore instead the member will be pulled from CEC into CRM (only if Version is active and last Delta is replicated to CRM or CEC report CUAN_TG_TRIGGER_REPLICATION is started) in this case only delta will be stored in CRM DB table => lead to Data inconsistence

Full Replication (Header with member) only possible for target groups <= 200.000 Member: this kind of replication (full replication) is in general Strong not recommended and should be deactivated.

Therefore we recommend to have the BAdI implementation CUAN_REPL_TG_BP_IC (Header/lean Replication) active instead of CUAN_REPL_TG_WITH_MEMBERS.

P.s.: side effect for old Target group with full replication after changing to Lean replication: By rebuild such target group (only by dynamic Target group) with the new lean replication, the Origin field will be change from 02 to 09 and the member will be red from Hybris Marketing system by campaign execution without store any target group member on CRM side (key benefit). the old stored member will not be token in account anymore.

If you still need to have this full replication active then you have to create target group with max number of member smaller then 200.000.