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SAP Java, Course, Career and Certification.

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SAP Java, Course, Career and Certification.

Definition - What is SAP JAVA ?

SAP java is an integration of the system applications of SAP with the composition of Java application tools. To manage business operations and maintain customer relation in a better way, this module offers innovative enterprise solutions that are compiled in a systematic way, so as to build business tools with the aid of established Java standards.

The designing of user interfaces reduces the concerns of UI coding and makes it much easier for users to access and reuse. This cross application technology has increased the workability of webs services and eases processes to access various operations at any given point of time. SAP Net Weaver application server (SAP Net Weaver AS) in Net Weaver Application Studio, is aiding the development of various Java applications that are being used to update, migrate and apply various variations in diverse enterprise solutions. Additionally, service data objects provide data programming for the various applications and frameworks of SAP.

SAP JAVA Courses

SAP has developed a valuable certification for portal developers who require further expertise in core Java development modules. Those certified for this course are known as ‘Development Consultants for Java applications.’ The company provides the popular SAP Java Open Integration Technologies (JA331) course. It helps aspirants learn the basics of Java applications that can be integrated with other systems and applications of SAP. It is entirely based on the SAP Web Application Server 6.40. The training is an e-learning process of around 12.5 hours and is imparted in the English language only. Here, classrooms can be booked for e-learning processes and the prices for the same are included in the course structure.

The contents covered in this course are given in brief as below:

  • SAP Enterprise connector (JCo) imparts knowledge about the functions and modules of Java applications.
  • Java Connector Architecture (JCA) provides a unified architecture of J2EE application server to access the back end applications of SAP systems. It involves three mechanisms which are commonly referred to as connection pooling, transaction management and security management. JCA acknowledges the services of connector container, JDBC connector, and JMS connector.
  • JCO RFC connector simplifies the communication between various systems.
  • Java message Beans (JMS) and Message Driven Beans (MDB) comprise of message driven beans to receive communications from the Java message service, commonly known as JMS.
  • Web Services- the users interface and its reliability with other system applications and software is taken care of in this module.
  • Protocol services to use additional services of PROXY runtime. Information for various protocols such as SOAP, WSDL and UDDI are given here.

Scope and Opportunity of a career in SAP JAVA

With the advance use of Java language in SAP modules, especially for the better workability of the system, there are budding opportunities for professionals with adequate knowledge in the field. The act of switching over from Java to SAP brings in better income opportunities in life and proves to be a lucrative career move with long term benefits.

Become a Certified SAP JAVA Consultant

The combination of Java and SAP is not easy to implement. Java is a computing language that presents a full package of pre-built applications that are being used by developers for integrating with other applications, with respect to the better management of client/user interface. To leverage the benefits of SAP JAVA, proper knowledge about the well-outlined SAP modules and architectural capabilities of all the connectors between the language and SAP are important.

Basic Qualifications Required for a SAP JAVA Course

The candidates aspiring for the training in SAP JAVA course must hold a degree in BE/BTECH, in either CS or IT fields, from a recognized university. A MCA or MSC-IT degree can also be entertained. Both fresher and experienced candidates can apply for this training course. The candidate must possess prior academic knowledge in these fields, apart from the domain knowledge of SAP and JAVA.

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