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SAP Landscape Transformation ( LT) Scope and Benefits.

Updated May 18, 2018

What is SAP Landscape Transformation ( LT)?

SAP Landscape Transformation (SAP LT) software aids SAP customers in efficiently managing the effect of any business or IT-driven transformation needs on the already existing SAP landscape. To cope with the dynamism in the market environment, SAP Landscape Transformation software aids in accelerating business and SAP IT Management transformation and converts intricate trade necessities into a standardized set of transformation solutions.

Further, this software helps an organisation arrange, study, put into sequence, and materialise its own transformation project within diverse business scenarios such as mergers and acquisitions, internal reorganizations and other existing processes.

Why is SAP LT of Interest to Organisations?

If organizations are in the process of:

  • Buying or selling another company or even carrying out reorganisations, then they can leverage the benefits of selling, buying and restructuring with SAP LT.
  • Searching trustworthy data for data governance initiatives or have distributed master data, then they can appropriately unify and transform data with this sub-module of SAP (Systems, Applications, Products).
  • Having centralized or aligned system landscapes, then they may like to consolidate and reduce IT costs with SAP LT.

Scope of SAP Landscape Transformation (LT)

Along with offering the advantages stated above, SAP LT helps in:

  • Carving out company goods; merging controlling areas and cost centres; and reforming segments and profit centres.
  • Transforming and unifying data related to accounts, profit/ cost centres and asset classes; renaming controlling areas, company codes and material numbers; decreasing and also consolidating IT expenditure related to ‘Client Transfer’ with various/ matching releases.

Value Positions and Benefits of SAP Landscape Transformation (LT)

SAP‘s innovative, reliable and established technologies for conversions and migrations assures performance oriented processes and proper handling of chronological data, offers methods for curtailing interruption and sustaining stability in dealings, and also augments dexterity and continuity in business operations. With the many advantages of SAP LT in place, enterprises can:

  • Accomplish the goal of business stability and lessen risks through SAP’s dominant and established technologies;
  • Get meticulous appraisal at early stages, centralized procedures, and organizational value via SAP Solution Manager Integration;
  • Get reduced time, effort and cost measures through solid analysis application as well as highly standardized and automated transformation solutions. These incorporate project outlines and productive practices accelerated through supervised implementation;
  • Extensively benefit from improved functionality and agility through performance-optimized and secure practical implementation;
  • Observe sustainable IT through data coordination and system consolidation to devise a much more competent and compliant IT infrastructure which formulates the success of a business.

Benefits include:

SAP LT assists customers to build their own transformation competence, apprehend forthcoming variations through domestic resources, and supervise scheme landscapes as a whole. Its other benefits include:

  • Unfailing and stable information transmission and complete SAP solutions with the consideration of all requisite elements;
  • Uninterrupted information transfer through unremitting test cycles that guarantee that all information is transformed accurately;
  • Considerable decline in the project extent and also in the downtime of business systems due to phased transformation procedures;
  • Modernized IT transformation processes and noteworthy reductions in risks and involved expenditure;
  • Common reprocess of personalization settings;
  • Lesser preservation activities subsequent to client transmit.

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