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SAP IT Management

Definition -What is SAP IT Management?

In today’s business environment, it is very important to streamline the major operations of a company, particularly the ones related to IT or Information Technology. In this context, SAP or System Application Product, a well known German corporation founded in 1972, plays a prime role to help IT based companies gain better success with their operations related to financial management, service asset management, problem management, knowledge management and so forth. This module furnishes complete device/ system information in relevant IT management areas and is correlated for incident/change management, monitoring, and alerting. It automatically detects all active components and aids the normalization of data to form the basis for total IT service management.

The core functions related to SAP IT Infrastructure Management include:

  • Automatic data acquisition of IT infrastructure
  • Allocation of elements to systems/processes
  • Monitoring tools and alerts for all network-enabled devices/ systems
  • Configuration items (CIs) with respect to Incident as well as Service Management
  • Support for application lifecycle processes, and more

With more and more IT companies incorporating SAP IT Management solutions in their workplace, the stage is now set with loads of opportunities for budding IT professionals, all across the world.

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