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Automating Re-palletization

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Automating Re-palletization

Need some guidance trying to map the following process to standard WM. 

We have an inbound delivery. Say there are 4 pallets of 50 materials. We can categorize all the materials as 'A' or 'B' materials and each pallet will be a mixture of both. The 'A' materials will be stored in the lower rack and the 'B' materials in the upper rack. 

Now Logistics wants to break open the 4 pallets and repalletize so that any one pallet only has materials of same type. For example, the pallet will have 12 boxes of type 'A'. Each box is an SU. The fork lift driver will take the pallet and do putaway of the 12 SUs type A first. 

1) If Logistics does all the unpacking and repacking manually outside of SAP, would putaway using an ID Point help us in any way? Asking it another way, is there any standard way for me to influence the sequence of putaway TOs so that all the 'A' materials are grouped together followed by the 'B' materials? 

2) If want to leverage and packing functionality in SAP, is it true that HUM is required? 

3) If yes, I read that I can group the A/B materials based on their material groups into packaging materials. Can somebody walk me through the complete flow...from inbound delivery generation to GR putaway? And how much of the re-palletization into A and B materials can be done ahead of time before physical GR? 

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