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WMS (Warehouse Management System) Interview Questions

Distinguish between Storage units and Handling units?

Handling Unit (HU) is the combination of material and Packaging material whreas Storage unit is a kind of container which stores or transport materials.

What are the various transactions available for creating a transfer order in order to move partial stocks within a warehouse number?

There are two transaction codes available for creating a transfer order for moving partial stocks within a warehouse number:

  • Tcode LT01 (Create Transfer Order without Source Object)
  • Tcode LT10 (Create Transfer Order from Stock List )

Different stock types and storage types in WM?

The different Stock Types are:

  • Unrestricted
  • Blocked
  • Quality

The different storage types are:

  • Rack
  • Open
  • Shelf
  • Damage

How to configure the strategies for Put away and Picking?

For Put away strategies navigate to:

SPRO-> Logistics Execution-> Warehouse Management -> Strategies -> Define Put away Strategies

For Stock removal strategies navigate to:

Logistics Execution-> Warehouse Management -> Strategies -> Define Stock Removal Strategies

Define Storage Bin in WMS?

Each and every storage type and storage section contains a row of storage spaces which are known as storage bins in WMS. The coordinates of the storage bins can tell us the position in the warehouse where goods are stored.

Define Quant?

Quant is the stock of any material with similiar features in one storage bin. Different batches of a material are managed by system into various different quants. Quant quantity can be increased by an addition to existing stock. The quants can only be created or deleted via goods movements.

Define Storage Unit?

A storage unit is a logical group of single or multiple amount of material like pallet or a container which can be managed within a warehouse as a unit that belongs together. Storage unit (SU) management in the Warehouse Management (WM) allow us to optimize warehouse capacity and control material flow with the help of storage units within the warehouse.

What are the different types of Storage units?

There are two types of Storage units :

  1. Homogeneous Storage units which contains only one material item
  2. Mixed or Heterogeneous Storage units which contains multiple material item.

What are the types of movements in SAP WMS?

In the Warehouse Management system (WMS), there are two types of goods movements:

Warehouse movements only affecting the warehouse

  • Stock transfers within a warehouse (warehouse number)
  • Posting changes

Warehouse movements also affecting the warehouse environment

  • Putaway
  • Picking
  • Stock transfers between different warehouse numbers

Note: The warehouse movements in the WMS can be controlled by user with the help corresponding WMS movement types.

Why should we create Second Transfer Order (TO) in SAP WM?

We should create second TO at delivery level in order to move the stocks from intermediate storage type to Goods issue (delivery) area where the stocks are loaded into vehicle.

How to Truncate Stage Table in Informatica Using Pl/Sql?

You can use 

1) pre-sql, 

2) Check the "Truncate Target table" option at the session level Target properties