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Difference between Cross-Dock and Drop-Ship

Updated May 18, 2018

Drop-Ship vs Cross-Dock

In warehouse operation these two terms Cross Docking and Drop Shipping are very essentials for items to be shipped, received, stored and picked etc. So, one need to understand the proper definition to make the inventory operation more improved.

Cross Docking: Cross docking is a term which refers to the receiving and shipping operations that needs to be done without any storage and picking of goods. Such transactions like cross docking consummate at exact “Docks” that make it easy to receiving,product arrangement, association and reloading shipment for the delivery to the other cross docking location within the same day. This cross docking process is done to get rid of soft costs of storage and decrease the administration cost too.

Or in other words cross docking is process of assemble orders, submit the bulk order of goods and shipped the products to the warehouse (at which place one can scan the items to get the stock) and promptly ship the item to the end costumer.

Drop Shipping: It is a process of making and conveying purchase orders for the supplier so that you can send direct to the customer and after that you can easily update the tracking info after the shipping of order.